Gianna Jessen

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  • Gianna Jessen is a Survivor of Abortion

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    Gianna Jessen who is now thirty-six, survived an abortion. At seventeen years old, her mother attempted to abort her using the saline procedure. Eventually, Gianna forced a birth after being in the solution for eighteen hours. She was put up for adoption after she was born and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at an early age due to the saline burning. Around the world, abortion takes place on the daily basis and the government considers this form of murder legal. This brutal act of legal murder

  • Gianna's Death: A Narrative Fiction

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    it’s my friend, Gianna. Gianna and I have been friends since kindergarten. “Did you hear about the weather, there is a possibility that we might have a tornado today.” she had told me. “No I didn’t hear, are you for real?” I asked. “I think we are, that is what I heard on the news.” she told me. The bell rings and we both had gone to Advisory. “Hello kids, today there is a possibility that we might have bad weather today.” said our English teacher, Mrs. Mary. “What I tell you.” Gianna whispered, but

  • The Ethics Of Planned Parenthood Abortion

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    Planned Parenthood It was a lovely spring day on April 6th, 1977 when a little girl was delivered. This delivery was not your normal delivery; it involved hours of preparation, but not your typical preparation. For the last seven and a half months a mother had been carrying this child in her womb. Running out of options she visited a clinic called Planned Parenthood hoping for advice. They advised her to have a late term saline abortion. This abortion method causes the next 24 hours to be an ongoing

  • Ethical Dilemas

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    Ethical Dilemmas Choose only one of the ethical dilemmas below to address in your essay. The questions at the end of each dilemma are intended for you to reflect on. For your paper you must organize your writing using the sections and underlined titles listed on the assignment page. Do not copy the case study into your essay. 1. Pornography Joe secretly enjoys pornography. He gets a great deal of gratification out of viewing Internet pornography and masturbating, though he always acts behind

  • The Fetal Position: A Pro-Life Argument Essay

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    Each year there are roughly 6 million pregnancies in the U.S., with 20% resulting in the termination of the fetus, or abortion in other terms. Mathematically, that is estimated to be 1.2 million babies that have no hope for a future outside the womb (American Pregnancy). Everyone has a right to life; this right is exercised in many parts of the American life, namely the Declaration of Independence (The Abortion Controversy 113-116). Therefore, the United States’ federal government should go to greater