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  • Essay on Ethical Computer Hacking

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    can be anyone who is willing to expand their knowledge with a computer to better benefit themselves, or more importantly, others. Many people disregard the ethical sense to hacking and believe all forms of hacking to be unjust, which is untrue, but hacking can be very beneficial. White Hat, or Ethical Hacking can be very useful by having security professionals attempt to break in to explore and try to exploiting systems to discover a loop-hole or security flaw in a network. This is similar

  • The Master Of Deception ( Mod )

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    The Master of Deception The Master of Deception (MOD) is the first hacking gang in hacking history, and it’s also one of the most extensive thefts of computer information. MOD was founded by several blue-collar youth in New York, which aimed at proving their power in computer and network underground and beating other hackers and hacker gangs (TABOR, 1992). MOD traded boasts, tapping into telephone systems, stealing confidential information from government or other highly protected systems. At first

  • The Computer Fraud And Abuse Act

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    first person to be indicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. However this punishment didn’t hurt his career too much, he is now tenure in MIT since 2006 (Lee, 2013). The Master of Deception The Master of Deception (MOD) is the first hacking gang in hacking history,

  • Cybercrime: Hacking

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    processing service enabled businesses to accept payments from customers from different payment types such as, Visa, MasterCard, discover, American Express, debit and gift cards, checks, Electronic benefits Transfer, and direct debit. The WorldPay hacking was considered the most sophisticated attack so far in history. In November 2008, According to Baker, Associated Press (2012) hackers infiltrated the RBS WorldPay servers and accessed prepaid payroll card numbers, cracked their encrypted pin codes

  • Ethical Hacking

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    ■ First Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas ZERO TOLERANCE (1994-1998) ■ 1995: The Mitnick Takedown: Arrested again; charged with stealing 20,000 credit card numbers. ■ 1995: Russian Hackers Siphon $10 million from Citibank; Vladimir Levin, leader. ■ Oct

  • Cognitive Hacking

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    a category of computer security exploits called "cognitive hacking." Loosely speaking, cognitive hacking refers to a computer or information system attack that relies on changing human users ' perceptions and corresponding behaviors in order to be successful. This is in contrast to denial of service (DOS) and other kinds of well-known attacks that operate solely within the computer and network infrastructure. Several cognitive hacking techniques are illustrated by example and a taxonomy for these

  • Ethical Hacking

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    seems that the Ethical Hacking is a better way. Therefore, whether to teach or not teach the "Ethical Hacking" as a course in Tertiary education has become an interesting argument. In this article will analysis the ethical, legal, and ethical implications of this issue. In order to discuss the ethical, legal, and social

  • Hacking Is Not Ethical?

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    Hacking is not Ethical "If you are a good hacker everybody knows you, But if you are a great hacker nobody knows you" (Rishabh Surya). Hacking is known in the community as a way of stealing information from people and it can be but it can also be a lot more. Hacking is a dangerous tool that can lead to a life of crime. When people hack it is to mostly gain information that would benefit them in some way. Hackers can obtain information from a lot of places they usually put their focus into one place

  • Hacking Essay

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    As the world becomes more and more reliant on computers the computer hacking industry is greatly rising. With people such as Kevin Mitnick, who is known as a "computer terrorist" (Kjochaiche 1), computerized information isn't safe any more. Kevin is known as "the most high-profiled computer criminal and responsible for more havoc in the computer world today."(1) He considered this a fun and easy task. He got caught and thrown into prison, but once he got out nothing changed. Kevin

  • Weaknesses Of Hacking

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    Hacking is when an unauthorised person breaks codes and passwords to gain entry to someone else’s computer system. Hackers can do a lots of damage if they break into a computer system. Some hackers break into a computer system just for fun, they enjoy the challenge of breaking into a computer system. But, many hackers break into a system purposely to commit fraud in order to steal, change and destroy vital data and information to harm the company or individual. Person who break into someone else’s