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  • Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Essay

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    Grundschule is the equivalent of primary school and then leads to one of three categories of secondary school. Secondary school contains Hauptschule, Realschule, and Gymnasium, (German school system). In Japan, children go straight from pre-school, which is not required, to elementary school (Deutsche Industrie). On average, German students will spend five years at Hauptschule preparing to go to work in the real world. Once students complete their training, they can go to vocational school, begin working

  • Germany 's Ice Hockey Team

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    The country of Germany is located in central Europe. People from Germany are known as Germans. Germans play a wide variety of sports. Germany’s most popular sport is soccer but Germans also like basketball, ice hockey, and volleyball. Germany is home to one of the world’s top professional soccer leagues known as the Bundesliga. Germany also produces one of the best national teams in the world. The German National soccer team has won the World Cup four times. Most recently, Germany’s national team

  • St. Louis Catholic School

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    When driving past the modest copper bricked building topped with a bulky black roof, one might only see it as just a school for children; however, there is so much more to it than what meets the eye. The large black cross that clings to the front entrance wall suggests to its visitants the school’s religious affiliation which is further evidenced by the name “St. Louis” in slate black lettering on the wall parallel to it. St. Louis Catholic School was established in 1964 in Princeton, Illinois as

  • Benefits Of Small Class Size

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    Smaller Class Sizes Imagine being in a classroom filled with 30 or more students and being unable to concentrate due to the loud, obnoxious students. Children from ages 5-10 are known to get easily distracted. Elementary school students fall into this category. Reducing the class size for this age group is a solution to this matter. Providing smaller class sizes can allow students to participate in higher achievements and build a stronger bridge to success. Elementary schools should have smaller

  • Haye Elementary School Plan Essay

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    Hayse Elementary: A High-Performing School Plan Hayse Elementary School is a school that stands out in the state of North Carolina. The school it known for meeting state proficiency standards and is considered one of the highest-performing schools in the state. Hayse Elementary School has not always been known for its achievements. It has only been in the last few years that the school got on a track that has lead them to high performance. This rural low-wealth school in North Carolina commends

  • Why School Should Be Mandatory From The Age Of Six

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    Given that schools in Germany are obligatory for a long time, the understudy can complete his auxiliary instruction with the ninth grade in the Hauptschule, however ought to select to a professional school joined with an apprenticeship. The Realschule comprises of Grade 5 to 10 and prompts to a higher professional school. At the point when the understudy got adequate evaluations, there is additionally

  • Franz Beethoven Research Papers

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    Franz Schubert Franz Schubert, one of my favorite classical composers, was born on 31 January 1797 in Vienna, Austria, which is a well known city for classic music. And he has 14 brothers and sisters, one of them was illegitimate, born in 1783 and nine of them were died in infancy. His father, Franz Theodor Schubert was a well-known teacher, and his school in Lichtental (ninth district in Vienna) had many students in attendance. Though he wasn’t even formally get his music trained, he

  • High School Differences

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    school curricula, and their future educational and career decisions are based on that election” (Peak and Matthes 1). The three different schools they have to choose from are Gymnasium (academic high school), Realschule (secondary school), and Hauptschule (intermediate school). In Germany the Gymnasium school is considered to be our high school. “Students attend from ages 10 to 16, and upon graduation, are qualified for a three-year apprenticeship in a skilled labor craft” (Peak and Matthes 2)

  • The Freie Universitat In Germany : The Price Of College Case Study

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    Success stories of lowered college prices are the Freie Universitat in Berlin, the average price of college there is around 304 Euros, which is $359.46 in the US. This cost covers mostly rooming and train fees. In 2006 colleges were able to impose prices on tuition, but students protested and the prices were reverted back in 2014. After 2014, enrollment increased by 22%, but the taxes went up 37% according to Quartz Media. Although Berlin isn’t sure how long they will be able to keep the low prices

  • A Brief Note On The European School System

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    European School System European systems are intricate structures that carefully lead students on the path that compliments their strengths. With the European tracking system, referred to as university or academic/vocational streaming, according to Chmielewski (2014), it is the students who are tracked, not their courses (p.293). In this system, students do not take the same classes as their peers in other tracks. The curriculum and classes depends on the track they are on. Also, a group of studies