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  • Role Of Fractal Geometry Of Indian Hindu Temple Architecture

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    Role of Fractal Geometry in Indian Hindu Temple Architecture Dhrubajyoti Sardar M.Arch Scholar, Architecture & Planning Department Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India E-mail: ar.dhrubajyotisardar@gmail.com S. Y. Kulkarni Professor & Former Head Architecture & Planning Department, IIT Roorkee Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India E-mail: syk_iitr@yahoo.com Abstract— The self-similar recursive geometry is known as Fractal. Hindu Philosophy describes the cosmos as holonomic

  • Hindu Temple And Yoga Service

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    From the Hindu Temple and Yoga service, surprisingly, the people I interviewed had a lot of similarities in their thoughts and responses. For Hinduism, rituals consist of visiting the Hindu Temple to chant prayers and participate in events such as singing Kirtans, songs in praise of God. Radhika Ramesh and Raje Sathasivam both stated they attend Hindu rituals because it helps them to connect with their religion and their community; most of the devotees can converse in Indian language and connect

  • The Hindu Temple Of India

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    The white Hindu temple stood quietly against the chaos that surrounded it in Agra, India. The marble that made up the building was stunningly clean compared to the streets that were filled with holes and dirt. The car horns and movement of people coming from their jobs that Friday created chaos around the building. The temple was made up of a square base with 4 domes at the top, similar to those of the Taj Mahal, except much smaller. Sculptures of Indian deities and revered images were chiseled all

  • The Hindu Temple Of Atlanta

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    A Hindu temple contains a very different religious experience compared to what I 've previously experienced in the past. Perhaps the most obvious difference comes from just how individual it can be compared to a group service for example. While there is a portion of the service that is led by a priest for the vast majority of your stay the experience is really upon you and you alone. While there are traditions to follow it 's still a unique experience. During my attendance at the Hindu temple of

  • The Hindu Temple Of Dayton

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    today. I had never been to a Hindu temple before and it was a new and exciting experience. I did not know about the Hindu religion going to this project. During my time here in Dayton I have been to Lebanese festival and interacted with many people of Arabic descent. Hinduism as religion is very broad. Choosing to interview someone of the Hindu faith was an easy choice to make because I had always been interested in Hinduism. Some of my favorite movies had implied Hindu concepts in them such as karma

  • Buddhist and Hindu Temples Essay

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    Hindu and Buddhist cultures are both rich in religion and expressing their faith through art. The Buddhist culture was formed by Buddha who went out to discover the causes of pain and suffering. Once Buddha realized what the cause was, he provided a set of four guiding principles know as the “Four Noble Truths” that are exercised in Buddhism (Kleiner, p. 13). The Four Noble truths are “Life is suffering, the cause of suffering is desire, one can overcome and extinguish desire, the way to conquer

  • Hindu Temple : A Sacred Relic

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    Satguru Veylanswami (2012) clarifies further that Hindu temples, such as the Shri Ganesha Temple, serve as a sacred relic, where ‘the inner and outer worlds [of the Hindu faith] commune together’; hence, enabling Australian Hindus to ‘experience Divinity’. Avula Parthasarathy (2001) confirms this, explaining that the Hindu temple emulates an ‘evolving’ personal path, to achieve the psychological notion of satchitanada, or ‘Self-realisation’ (Pandit, 2005). As self-realisation is parallel with god-realisation

  • Reflecting on The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

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    The purpose of this paper is to provide a reflection on the field trip to the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago. After a brief Introduction to the Context, the Watercress tool will be used to highlight my observations. In our study of the Hinduism, the class visited The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago (HTGC). This active temple is a house of worship that serves thousands of devotees as they pay hamage to a diverse variuety of Idol and spiritual gods. Taughted as one of the oldest religions in

  • The Importance Of Folk And Popular Culture

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    For one of my cultural visits I went to a Mexican restaurant, El Molcajete, in Geneva, IL. In this restaurant I observed elements of folk and popular culture which included the music that was playing there, which was mariachi band music which made the place feel more authentic to Mexico. The music from the mariachi band was a piece of their folk culture they had, because they used violins, trumpets, guitarron a spanish guitar used in most Spanish music, and a vihuela a five stringed guitar with a

  • My First Visit at the Hindu Temple Essay

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    I decided to visit a Hindu temple because the Hindu religion was the religion that I knew the least about and was interested in. This assignment gave me an opportunity to learn more about this religion and what their worship services and rituals were like. The temple that I went to was called BAPS Shri Swaminaryan Mandir and it was located in Lilburn. As soon as I walked in, I was amazed by the beautiful architectural design of this Temple. It seemed like it took a lot of hard work and dedication