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  • How to Tame a Wild Tongue

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    “My Perspective of a Wild Tongue” “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”, by Gloria Anzaldua, is a very expressive story about a Mexican American women’s struggle to preserve her culture. Her main fight revolves around a struggle to keep a form of Spanish, called “Chicano Spanish”, a live. In the short story she says, " for a people who cannot entirely identify with either standard (formal, Castilian) Spanish, or standard English, what recourse is left to them but to create their own language?"(page

  • Summary Of How To Tame A Wild Tongue

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    Academic Analysis: “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” In Gloria Anzaldúa’s piece, “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” she explores the complex relationship that ties identity to language. She describes how childhood and adult experiences shape who she is today. She provides a glimpse into the life of a person who speaks a minority language in a majority population. She begins the essay by recounting an experience of a dentist capping a tooth and trying in vain to control her tongue. He becomes frustrated with

  • Summary Of How To Tame A Wild Tongue

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    be about how in How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua, spoke about how when she was young she struggled with being hispanic in Texas and how she didn’t know english. She also spoke on how people tried to punish her when she spoke in spanish, in a way they tried to tame her wild tongue. This paper will also speak on how I can relate to some of the things she wrote about in her passage. While doing some research on Anzaldua i came across a quote she said. The quote is “Wild tongues can't be

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    Natalie Gonzalez 3/14/2007 Gloria Anzaldua, author of the article " How to tame a Wild Tongue", expresses very strong views on how she feels her native Chicano Spanish language needs to be preserved in order to maintain cultural unity when used as a private form of communication. Her statement, " for a people who cannot identify with either standard (formal, Castilian) Spanish, nor standard English, what recourse is left to them but to create their own language?" suggests that despite the societal

  • Analysis Of How To Tame A Wild Tongue

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    In “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” by Gloria Anzaldua, she speaks from personal experiences she grows up with while living as a Chicana in the United States. Throughout her life she was subjected to being oppressed because of her native language. From a very young age she felt as if she was not allowed to express and acknowledge herself while speaking Spanish. Anzaldua believes that “If you want to really hurt me, talk bad about my language. Ethnic identity is twin skin to linguistic identity – I am

  • Analysis Of ' How Of Tame A Wild Tongue '

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    Gloria Anzaldúa article “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” she shows us how different worlds so close can be so different. Anzaldúa shows that people have restricted freedom in society by the social norms set in them. Anzaldúa pressed her awareness and distraught on how people treat her depending on the type of language she uses. She also explains some of her emotions towards the way people are like with speaking and listening to accents. The article is how Anzaldúa explains how culture and accent shapes

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    narrative essay, “How To Tame A Wild Tongue’, speaks her many experiences on being pressured on what language to use. She then expresses how the discrimination made her to realize the ugly truth--that people reject languages that aren’t their own. She adopts logos, ethos and pathos in order to appeal toward her audience who is anyone who is not bilingual. One of the perspectives she takes on in her piece clearly expresses the relationship between language and identity and how it creates a conflict

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    more. Take as an example Chicanos are mestizos who have to live on the very border between different cultures and countries. In “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” by Gloria Anzaldua, she argues the negative social attitude toward Chicano ways of speaking and the harmful effect of this negative attitude on the self-identity of Chicano people who live in borderlands. Despite on how Americans are compelled to disregard their culture and subdue to American culture in order to fit in, using your own native language

  • Summary Of How To Tame A Wild Tongue

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    SUMMARY Gloria Anzaldua, a woman who was born in 1942 in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas wrote “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”. Anzaldua was a migrant worker in the fields and then on her family’s land after her father's death in 1953. Later, as Anzaldua went through school and education she earned a teaching degree and then became an academic. She spoke and wrote about feminist, lesbian, and about her autobiography. She was a strong woman that stood up for herself and argued about the ways people

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    A few months ago, in Charlottesville, Virginia, a young women named Heather Heyer, was killed at a protest against a white supremacy rally. She was standing up for others who were different then her. She was making sure her fellow citizens felt welcomed and knew they were loved by others in this country. This happened less than two hours away from Lynchburg, our home. We, as a nation, need to start embracing one another because at the end of the day, we all bleed the same blood. My wish is that