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  • Case Study Of An Independent Broker-Dealers

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    Authors 7 Abstract Independent broker-dealers and financial advisors face a number of daunting challenges in todays Business environment. These challenges have the potential to severely impact this important financial services channel by substantially increasing the cost of doing business. It is essential that IBDs and their affiliated financial advisors develop effective means for overcoming these obstacles so that they may continue to effectively

  • Independent Study

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    consider my independent study on architecture, and I understand that you have decided not to approve it for next year. However, it is a course that is very important to me, and it is one that I believe would greatly enhance my education and experience at Bentley. I understand that the AP Art History class spends a lot of time studying architecture and design. However, I feel that in my independent study I was hoping to not only get a strong idea of the principals of design and study what makes a

  • Independent Study Center

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    After reviewing the inventories further, we have agreed that Independent Study Centers can be a positive opportunity for students to build upon their interests unconventionally. Independent Study Centers are completely student-centered. This technique allow students create goals, time lines and develops a sense of time management for themselves; the instructor conducts check-ins with the student. When considering developing lesson plans, instructors should think about the variety of learners in the

  • Essay On Independent Study Unit

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    As part of the English curriculum, students in high school have to take part in an independent study unit. In this unit you are encouraged to read a novel of the students choice, out of a select few novels that the teacher approves of. Several teens who have to take part in this unit don't believe it is important and believe it shouldn't be part of the curriculum. I believe that the Independent study unit should remain a part of the English curriculum due to the fact that it exposes the students

  • Independent Prescriber: The UKPDS Study

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    demands on the healthcare system has led to the development of the role of the Non-Medical Independent Prescriber, with the four-fold aim to improve patient care without compromising patient safety, make it easier for patients to access medicines, make better use of the skills of healthcare professionals and contribute to a greater multi-disciplinary team structures across the NHS (D of H, 2006). Independent prescribers have been defined as “practitioners responsible and accountable for the assessment

  • Independent Prescribing Case Study

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    Case Study for Independent Prescribing There are many definitions of Independent prescribing, the Department of Health (2006 para 7 & 8)) working definition is: ‘Independent prescribing is prescribing by a practitioner (e.g. doctor, dentist, nurse, and pharmacist) responsible and accountable for the assessment of patients with undiagnosed or diagnosed conditions and for decisions about the clinical management required, including prescribing. In partnership with the patient, independent prescribing

  • Independent Study : Solenoid Motor

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    Independent Study: Solenoid Motor For my Independent Study project, I decided to work with Matthew Doherty to design and build a solenoid motor using Inventor and 3D printing technology. The purpose of this project was to expose us to the greater functions of 3D printing as well as a way to study electricity and the mechanical properties of engines. Because of the vast application of solenoids, specifically in automobiles, we decided that building a solenoid engine would provide us with the best

  • Directed Independent Study Examples

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    I cannot say I have personally utilized a psychological measure, since I have been in the travel industry throughout my professional experience. However, while attending my undergraduate studies for directed independent study (DIS), I had participated in a graduate student’s thesis research. In this research, I had taken measures, of which included: 20-item Toronto Alexithymia Scale (tas-20) – to identify any issues with emotions; Interpersonal Reactivity Index; Emotional Recognition Test (ERT)

  • A-Level Vs Independent Study

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    application season, it can be hard to work out what subjects to choose to study. Choosing the A-levels If students have a subject choice in mind, they can look up different universities and courses to ensure they are on the right track for what universities want from their applicants. For individuals who are unsure what they want to study just yet - there are a handful of A-level subjects that are most commonly asked-for subjects - can study 'facilitating' subjects that look good to lots of institutions.

  • Communication Studies A Independent Study Essay

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    Odell Armwood May 29, 2015 Communication Studies 499- independent study Dr. Robert Harrison From early childhood, we have been taught the importance of the statement that honesty is the best policy. Yet we often see stories in the news about politicians and other public figures deceiving others. In this three-credit independent study, Odell Tamir Armwood will look for instances in which public figures have betrayed public trust. Moreover, he will attempt to identify how they attempted to justify