Jersey City, New Jersey

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  • The City Of Camden, New Jersey

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    The city of Camden, New Jersey has been known as one of the greatest Industrial Powerhouses, and was one of the biggest Industrialization in America. Camden created some of the nation 's largest warships and helped start up the railroad industry. (City of Camden; Industrialization) These are just a couple of the many things that made Camden one of the most thriving cities in the United States back in the day. But, all things must come to an end as the saying goes, Camden that once was a successful

  • Description of a Trip to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey

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    Description of a Trip to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey When deciding on a place for my science trip, I knew the perfect place would be the Liberty Science Center, located in Jersey City, New Jersey. I went there often as a child, so I already knew that there was a great deal to learn there. What I didn?t realize was how much it had been updated since I was there last. There are so many advances going on in science and technology, it?s all so amazing. What surprised

  • Newark, New Jersey: The Most Unfriendly City in the World...or Not?

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    Despite all the bad publicity such as the survey which names Newark, New Jersey as the most unfriendliness city in the world, more than places like Islamabad, Pakistan; Oakland, CA; Luanda, Angola; and Kuwait City, Kuwait. In my opinion, Newark is a great place to live for many reasons that I will discuss later in this paper. However, the forty- six thousand readers of Conde Nast Travelers magazine who participated in the survey probably named Newark as the most unfriendliness place on the planet

  • New Jersey City

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    Jersey City, New Jersey is one of the largest cities within the state. With almost 250,000 people, the city is the seat of Hudson County, lying just south east of Manhattan. Jersey City is located on the Bergen Neck peninsula with the Hudson River and New York bay surrounding the east and west sides. The city is divided into six wards, with Historic Downtown, Bergen-Lafayette, and The Heights being its most populous parts. Of its inhabitants, 33% are white, 26% are black, 28% are Hispanic, and 24%

  • The, New Jersey City Essay

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    The artist was born in the Hoboken, New Jersey City in the year 1864. He got his education from Germany as an engineer, returned back to New York in the year 1890 to prove the photography. As the editor of the Camera, Notes explored his scene of the aesthetic potential of medium published work, photography, which was in the conviction of his. In the year 1902, the Alfred broke from the group and focused on the craftsmanship. The Alfred style of work did in its own way. The photographer did his own

  • New York City Of New Jersey

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    There is a house located thirty-five minutes outside of New York City. In the state of New Jersey, the bricked cap cod lies in the quiet suburban town named Bloomfield. In this town, on Spring Street, residences have blooming front lawns filled with different flowers and plants. With a street named Spring and a town named Bloomfield, it is no coincidence that Spring Street and its town is filled with such an array of color. However, although Spring Street is filled with lively landscapes, most of

  • The New Jersey Clean Cities Coalition

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    As director of the New Jersey Clean Cities Coalition, you work towards the advancement and improvement of option fuel sources, and also option fuel vehicles. Taking into account your non-benefit association 's objectives, I feel you will discover my proposal to work effectively in correlation with your system. The burning of fossil fuels for energy is gradually destroying all of mankind with carbon dioxide, and the unavoidable issue of environmental change is approaching over every one of us. "CDC

  • Ellis Island: The Gateway to America

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    People from all over the world view America as the land of opportunity. They saw new beginnings and a better life for themselves and their families. The process of coming to the United States was never easy, because immigrants had to go through long and hard processes at the Immigration Center, known as Ellis Island. Ellis Island is located on the Hudson River off the New York City Harbor and in between Governor’s Island and the Statue of Liberty. Before receiving the name, “Ellis Island,” he Native

  • Case Study The New Jersey City Fire Department

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    procedure implementation, and training. These are important not only to prevent death, but also to prevent any types of injuries. The Jersey City Fire Department (JCFD) trains its members on the Incident Command System and there are procedures for the members to use it (New Jersey Division of Fire Safety, 1993, p. 5). Additionally, they are trained to use the Jersey City Incident Command System (JCICS), based on the National Fire Academy’s system. Better yet, the members of the JCFD use the JCICS on

  • Hurricane Sandy: the Storm that Changed New Jersey

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    Have you ever driven down the Garden State Parkway and seen car magnets that have “Jersey Strong” written on them? To summarize what “Jersey Strong” means in a few words is that no matter what obstacle strikes the Garden State, the people who live in New Jersey can get through anything together. In the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, New Jersey was hit by a deadly hurricane that left southern parts of the state in complete ruins. Not only were thousands of homes and businesses destroyed, but also