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  • Essay On Cat's Cradle

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    Stan Brakhage’s Cat’s Cradle took me on a ride of ecstasy that I can never forget I have taken. After viewing this quick-cut, fast paced, and slightly unnerving piece, my mind did not ever want to view the film again but for some reason I could not resist. This film has no clear throughline narrative, but beautifully illustrates a dreamlike feeling that usually cannot be articulated. The six minute and nineteen second film has so much dense material that needs to be unpacked in order to attempt to

  • Analysis of The Giver Book by Lois Lowry

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    The Giver starts off as the ordinary story of an eleven-year-old boy named Jonas. When we meet the protagonist, he is apprehensive about the Ceremony of Twelve, at which he will be assigned his job. Although he has no clue as to what job he might be assigned, he is astonished when he is selected to be the Receiver of Memory. He learns that it is a job of the highest honor, one that requires him to bear physical pain of a magnitude beyond anyone’s experience. As the story progresses, we realise

  • The Giver By Lois Lowry

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    Jenny #4 Ethnic Literature - Block 6 Second Independent Project: Book Report 10/5/14 The Giver In this essay, I am going to report about the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. Jonas, a twelve-year-old boy, is the main character of the book. The book describes a seemingly indestructible society, with absolute order and rules. Jonas happens to be chosen as the next Receiver of Memory on his twelve year old ceremony. After receiving part of the memories from the The Giver and discovering the truth behind

  • Questions On Chapter Summaries Of Chapter 17

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    embarrassed about the pleasurable dreams that came to him as he slept. And his new, heightened feelings permeated a greater realm than simply his sleep. But he knew he couldn’t go back to the world of no feeling that he had lived in so long. 2. Jonas has lost his childhood, his friendship, and his carefree sense of security. His innocence seemed to be slipping away. Chapter 18: 3. Rosemary was the old receiver and she was a remarkable young woman. Very self-possessed and serene. Intelligent and

  • Compare And Contrast The Giver And Divergent

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    The Giver written by Lois Lowry is set in a so called perfect world free from fear and harm but also from emotions, choices and memories. Jonas is seen to become the new receiver of memory within the community, changing his views and feelings on the community and caused him to run away and escape with Gabe. Themes such as the importance of memory, the relationship between pain and pleasure and no feelings or emotions can be identified throughout the novel. Divergent directed by Neil Burger is set

  • The Giver Short Story

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    “But Giver,” Jonas asked, “why would anyone want to get rid of love?” “Because love is unpredictable.” The giver replied. “It causes people to do many things that could hurt others.” Jonas didn’t really understand but he just nodded along. “So me and you are the only people who have real feelings?” Jonas asked. “We are the only people who have a real understanding of it.” “I don’t think it’s fair, that other people can’t have feelings.” Jonas said strongly. The Giver stood up and paced around

  • Persuasive Essay On The Giver

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    Persuasive Essay “Jonas has not been assigned,” She informed the crowd, and his heart sank. Then she went on. “Jonas has been selected.” The quote pertained to this story due to the significance that Jonas had differentiated from his peers that had their differences acknowledged by the Elders themselves, each with their own desires within a career. The quote influenced Jonas his decisions within the chapters beyond the quote within the story, nevertheless brought Jonas his viewpoint of the situation

  • The Giver Symbolism Essay

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    The first memory the Giver transfers to Jonas, the main character, is one memory of going down a hill of snow on a sled. The sled also shows up at the end of the story during his escape from the old community to the new community where emotion and color existed and not just in dreams. The sled

  • The Giver Community Is A Dystopia Essay

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    The giver community is a dystopia. I know this because when you compare the giver community to our world it takes a minute but I guarantee it is a dystopia, you can see this because on the out side looking in, you know all of the secrets that make up the giver community. another reason it is a dystopia is because when people imagine a perfect world it is not anything like the community of the giver, lastly is the fact that the government plans out people’s lives. I will go into detail and make many

  • Impact Of The Giver

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    In chapter 18 Jonas asks the Giver “ Do you ever think about the release ?’’ which got him even more curious about the true meaning. When Jonas becomes aware of what release actually means he gets into conflict with what his father does. His disturbed reaction to when his father its “releasing’’ a twin, which was very dramatic, “ he killed it! My father killed it!’’ Later in chapter 18, the Givers explain to Jonas about Rosemary and how she became an individual because