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  • Rapidride Case Study Solution

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    Information Signs $790,000 (2%) $800,000 (2%) New Buses $24.9M (68%) $16.8M (47%) Total $36.74 $35.12M However, the investment in improvement is a huge amount. For example, King County Metro RapidRide C and D and Madison Street Capital Improvements. This project would design and implement transit priority improvements along King County Metro’s RapidRide C and D lines that provide service to Ballard and West Seattle as an early deliverable to provide improved speed and reliability, in advance of light

  • Descriptive Essay About Gym

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    “The place that I found for my scavenger hunt adventure is the place were you could get fit and exercise is the gym . The name of the gym is called just lift is a great place to take all the stress out when ever you have a bad day your tired from work, and school . For example you feel great getting a work in getting your blood flow going getting all pump ect . The just lift gym the building is 102 the location Is in Hanford I use the Hanford map to find my location and the location is 522 w. 7th

  • The Drum Major Instinct And The Effect Of The Drum Major Instinct

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    succeed in a humble way not forgetting my roots. On 4 February 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr, preached ‘‘The Drum Major Instinct’’ from the pulpit of Ebenezer Baptist Church. Ironically, two months before his assassination on April 4th, 1968, he told his congregation what he would like to be said at his funeral, ‘‘I’d like for somebody to say that day that Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to give his life serving others”) (King, 135.) Excerpts were played at King’s nationally televised funeral service, held

  • Research Paper On Issaquah

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    Even compared to its bustling neighbors, Issaquah has experienced unprecedented growth over the past decade. This eastern Seattle suburb boasts a strong local economy, gorgeous lakefront homes and a historical downtown lined with unique galleries and restaurants. It’s even frequently voted the most livable city in Washington State. Situated in a beautiful valley on the southern tip of Lake Sammamish, Issaquah is equally popular with those who enjoy indoor activities and enthusiasts of the great

  • Illegal Vehicle Abuse Research Paper

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    This incident happened in the City of Auburn, County of King, Washington. On 3-3-3016 at about 1830 hrs I was westbound on SE 312th ST near the intersection of 112th ST SE, when I was alerted, via my in car automated license plate reader system (ALPR), to a possible stolen vehicle. The ALPR indicated the vehicle, WA/AUY8263 had just passed my vehicle heading eastbound toward 124th ST SE. I advised dispatch, via radio, of the plate and dispatch advised the vehicle was a reported stolen vehicle

  • Identity, Consciousness, And Building The Personal Consciousness

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    This previous month has been fascinating; we secured difficult issues in our Identity consciousness and Building the Personal consciousness at home workshop furthermore had energizing days with our High school b-ball group and there Spring Season that was a good time for all. We additionally secured exams rehearse; additionally we had a helping scholarly help also. Identity Consciousness Workshop: Since the issue of identity appeared to be a repeating variable in a number of the situations broke

  • The Importance Of Water In Seattle

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    Water is one of the world’s most important resources in todays’ society therefore, being able to track where, how, and the ability to obtain water is extremely important for a city. Seattle is known for being a city that receives a high amount of rainfall throughout the year, so it is no surprise that the “annual average rainfall is 34.1 inches and the it rains 152 days of the year.” (U.S. Climate Data, 2016) Seattle’s climate is pretty normal nothing very extreme it has an “annual high temperature

  • Southern California Diversity Essay

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    Southern California is a great example of the diversity brought by the mixing pot affect America is known for. In result of its reputation for an abundance of opportunities of success, it is populated with individuals from many backgrounds and classes. The North Hollywood and Los Angeles area is no exception and this is clearly demonstrated in the cities along the Redline and Gold line tram system. Each stop has its own atmosphere, often reflecting its locals as well as tourist purposes. A sense

  • What Is The Performance Of The Metro's Rapidride Performance?

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    King County Metro developed a series of goals, totally 13 goals, to guide the implementation of RapidRide which are examined in a third party Inspection agency’s report in 2004. Five RapidRide performance was evaluated based on how well the service meets the program goals. Performance measures directly align with the RapidRide goals to show the levels. There are five levels from 1 (low) to 5 (high performance) for each goal as shown in the table1. The data source is diversified including customer

  • Seattle Population Legalization

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    Depending on traffic, the next bus would either take 30 minutes or 1 hour. Sometimes I would walk to school just because I didn’t want to miss my first period class. Altogether, two public transportation agencies serve the city of Seattle, King County Metro Transit and