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  • The Music And Arts Festival

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    Go with the flow I have been to multiple concerts before but nothing compares to the Resonance Music and Arts Festival, a weekend long camp out of like-minded, motived, music loving individuals. In simpler terms, modern day hippies. These hippies focus more on medication, dancing, and yoga as a way to reach the ultimate state of joy. The people around me, the clothing they wore, the smell of weed that filled the air, and the music that blared through the speakers were all things I will never forget

  • Omaha, Nebraska

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    Home Omaha, Nebraska is a beautiful city, but my heart belongs to Los Angeles, California. There are some beautiful places here in Nebraska. We have beautiful lakes, hiking trails, the Iowa-Nebraska bridge downtown, and we actually get all four seasons here. But, I feel like nothing will ever compare to California. First of all, in California, you could hike, surf, ski, and ride dune buggies all in the same day! There are so many trails and canyons to hike, so many beaches to sun bathe, and so much

  • Narrative Essay About A Water Ride

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    Personal Narrative Draft 4: In this story I will be talking about the amazing water ride in Universal studios, Singapore. I still remember till this day, how many times I rode that ride. For last 7 years we have been going to a lot of amusement parks like 6 Flags, Disneyland, MGM Studio, Lego Land, Epcot Center,Etc. When me, my mom, my dad, and my sister jumped in the car, I was as ready as can be. I was very excited when I read the map of Universal Studio. All of a sudden I became greedy and

  • Coyotes In City Analysis

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    Coyotes Create Chaos In City Coyotes have been an issue in Southern California for decades now, specifically in the city of La Habra. An uprise in coyote attacks over the last few years has finally brought the attention of the city council. Coyotes going into residential areas and attacking pets is becoming more common. La Habra pet owners are leaving pet food and garbage outside at night which tends to attract the coyotes into residential areas. In order to stop coyotes from coming into residential

  • Analysis Of Chumash Renaissance : Indian Casinos, Education, And Cultural Politics

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    tribe members and "implored penitents toward a shift in subjectivity through introspection, self-examination, guilt, and sorrow for sin"(McCormack). This helped the Confessario to personalize the penitent, altering Native behavior and thought from its larger social and cultural perspective. Accordingly, the confessional aids focused scrupulous interest on the transgressions of the sixth and ninth commandments (sins of impurity, including adultery, fornication, homosexuality, masturbation, and lust)

  • The Backbone Of The Health Care System

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    care system in California is the California Department of Health Care Services. Every single day, this agency assists millions of disabled and low-income California residents. The agency 's mission is providing residents with affordable and high-quality health care. This includes long-term services and support as well as substance abuse services, mental health, dental and medical care. The agency 's vision is to improve the mental and physical health of all residents of California. The Mental Health

  • Development Of A Linguistic Profile For One Of The Many Linguistic Populations Residing

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    populations residing in Southern California. For the purpose of this analysis, the Spanish linguistic has been chosen. The report compromises of four parts: the first consists of surveys and statistics, the second includes an analysis of the history of immigration, the third is an analysis of the linguistic features while the fourth is an assessment of the language use and language maintenance. Section I: Survey and Statistics The areas of Southern California that has the highest concentration

  • Essay On Water Supply System

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    In a recent proposal the state of California has decided we need to take further action into protecting our water reliability. Officials are suggesting that we should spend $20-50 billion into creating a two new tunnels known as the California WaterFix system from the Sacramento River to the Delta pumping plants in the Southern Delta, with funding being allocated from both agricultural and urban users. Although there are some benefits from creating a new water project, it would have far more negative

  • Notes From A Native Daughter And Ernesto Galarza 's Piece Barrio Boy

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    life in a different area of Sacramento, California. Ernesto Galarza 's Sacramento is filled with a lot of Mexican and other Latin American people living in a particular area of the city. Barrio Boy 's Sacramento took place in around the 1910s-1920s which was the early 20th century. Joan Didion 's Sacramento was at a later time which was 1940s-1950s and was also a time when World War II took place. Since these stories both take place in Sacramento, California, they

  • Joan Didion's Barrio Boy

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    piece “Barrio Boy” both talk a lot about how life was like in Sacramento while they were growing up. In Ernesto Galarza 's article, he writes about living in lower Sacramento and Didion 's essay, talks about life in a different area of Sacramento, California. Ernesto Galarza 's Sacramento is filled with a lot of Mexicans and other Latin American people living in a particular area of the city. Barrio Boy 's Sacramento took place in around the 1910s-1920s which was the early 20th century. Joan Didion