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  • High School Learning

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    Do you know what we are learn in high school? I do, because I have experience first-hand. We spend 4 years in high school learning information that can be beneficial in our everyday lives, while some things in anyway have feasible real-world applications. High school is mediocre because of the information we are learn, method we learn, and the information we retain. High school is mediocre by the information we learn. High school seems to focus on test scores. We have learned information to pass

  • School Based Assessment for Learning

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    School Based Assessment for Learning: A report: Assuring Fairness in the assessment component of school based assessment practice in Brunei Abstract This article describes a research project study in depth carried out with 3 self-selected ‘educators’ teaching English language subject in one of the secondary school in Brunei. All are supporting standardized task provided requires flexibility to cater the students’ need individually. The paper explores the educators' conceptions of and approaches

  • Service Learning At Fraser School

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    I participated in service learning at Fraser school in Richfield. Starting in September I helped out in a toddler age classroom every Thursday. Fraser school is a preschool setting for infants and toddlers. Besides getting the children kindergarten ready and offering a somewhat typical day of daycare/school, Fraser offers occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Some of the children have disabilities and some do not, Fraser is not discriminatory and they provide care for anyone. Some of the things

  • Speech On School Of Open Learning

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    School of Open Learning School of Open Learning began its work in the year 1962. It comes under the University of Delhi. It has over the years known as the pioneering distance education provider. Moreover, starting with just under a thousand students. It has now over two lakh students. Who study under various different departments. The current director of the School of Open learning is Prof. C.S. Dubey. Moreover, the joint registrar is Mr Chander Prakash Raghave. There are currently two campuses

  • Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

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    teaching assistant to make objective assessments relating to each pupils behaviour patterns, learning styles, levels of development, existing skills, curriculum strengths and weaknesses, current learning needs and learning achievements. Observations enable teaching assistants to stay aware of children’s changing interests; this can encourage pupils to learn as they are more likely to be interested in learning if the topics are related to the things that children are familiar with. Observations are also

  • Language And Development Learning School

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    at a small language and development learning school. I was more than grateful that after we had left our homeland, I had the chance of an education that was somewhat equivalent to my sibling’s. Reading Arabic, my mother tongue is distinct from understanding it, and that’s what I loved about it. I used to read any word by sounding each letter on its own, then reading it all together. I read the words correctly, but I understood none of their meanings. Learning how to read and write English was much

  • Rewards And Punishment At School Learning

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    punishment and reward do not have a symmetric law of effect. In fact, giving a punishment had a stronger effect on behavior than giving a reward. Introduction A staggering twelve years is spent in school learning about a variety of pertinent subjects. Teachers, the people that work in these learning institutes have used both reward and punishment to guide behavior. For instance, some teachers offer a prize to whoever gets the highest score on a test. While others choose to take away free time to

  • A Critical Learning At High School

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    or a good friend that has taught you life 's little secrets? Everyone grows up and finds something or someone that guides them through the ups and downs of life. As teenagers attend high school they start to really learn things about themselves, other people, and the world. Think back to when you were a high school student for a minute and ask yourself what you remember. Do you remember all of your classes and the arithmetic you learned, or do you remember how you dealt with the overwhelming workload

  • Learning To Read In Elementary School

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    Chapter 1: Introduction to the Study “It matters little what else they learn in elementary school if they do not learn to read at grade level (Fielding, Kerr, & Rosier, 2008, p. 30).” One of the most fundamental building blocks to success is learning to read by the end of third grade. There is clear evidence of the impact of reading on students continued academic success. A longitudinal study conducted of third grade students in Chicago in 1996-1997 showed a correlation between third and eighth

  • Organizational Learning At A Single School Site

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    Organizational Learning in School Systems: The Power of Silence (Rusch, 2005). This qualitative study examined the relationship between members of a restructuring network and the members’ formal district systems. The purpose of this article was to understand why and how a culture of organizational learning at a single school site (network member) affected or didn’t affect the culture of organizational learning within a district’s system. In this case, why cross-system learning communities that