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  • Learning Process For Teaching And Learning

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    class, social media, communication with local people From the teacher and the environment From the class, social media From the teacher Process for leaning L2 or FL     The goal of  each learner, time for learning(how much time they take for leaning), and the learning process( how they are taught and the progress of learning) are different in L2 and FL learning each other. L2 FL Goal 1) Get a better job 2) Continue my university studies 3) Travel abroad 4) Acquire new ideas and open up new

  • Transformative Learning In The Process Of The Adult Learning Process

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    The adult learning process is complicated to explain because one definition cannot truly encompass all the different ways and reasons people are continuing to learn after mandatory schooling. Jack Mezirow came up with a concept known as transformative learning to describe the adult learning process (Merriam, et al., 2014). Transformative learning is defined as making meaning out of one’s experiences (Merriam, et al., 2014). Creating meaning for our experiences allows adults to learn once reflection

  • The Learning Process Of An Educator

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    found seeking ways to enhance the learning process. For years we have looked at the learning process in context trying to figure how students can learn easier and offer different theories of learning styles. The discussion of how students perceive information has always been evaluated while trying to understand how information is processed. I have always been curious how our brains function and have read many articles recommending different techniques of learning. The brain has always been what

  • Emotions And The Learning Process

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    excitement are emotions that are expressed everyday no matter where we are or what we are doing. “Do emotions help or obstruct the learning process?” This is an example of questions asked about emotions and the learning process and how it impacts the student. (Dirkx, 2001). I will be discussing the relationship between emotions and the learning process in adult learning. In my youth I had a problem with public speaking and when I needed to perform a presentation I’d rather not do the assignment and

  • Learning Is An Ongoing Process

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    Learning in Real Life Saniya Keswani Drexel University Learning is an ongoing process; it starts at birth and continues till ones death. New life experiences aid the learning process. Individuals learn something new almost every single day and therefore learning is on of the most essential and important processes. Learning involves acquiring and modifying knowledge, skills, strategies, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors (Schunk, 1996). Learning takes place in many forms, such

  • Student Learning Process

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    Stiggins, “…a perfect assessment system honors the information needs of each of these key decision makers. Ultimate student success hinges on each of the key decision being made well. Ineffective decision making at any level can slow or stop the learning. In other words, all relevant assessment purposes must be effectively served” there is a variety of strategies available that can assist educators in reaching the goal of a perfect assessment (Stiggins, 2017). For instance, teachers can regularly

  • The Process Of Learning Change

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    Learning is an important component in life; if human cannot learn and apply what they learn, you would not be able to read what I am writing nor would I be able to write it initially. The process of learning change drastically from one thing to another, from one person to another. There are some skill which you need to practice a lot in order to learn them, driving cars for example. Others can be acquired through reading and thinking, logic subjects for instance. In addition, we can learn from others’

  • The Concept Of Learning Process

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    3. LEARNING PROCESS APPROACH David Korten stated the concept of learning process in 1980. According to him, the process of learning is continuous and involved not only planners and implementers, but rural people. The goal of this approach is to develop capabilities through developing ideas, for making-decisions and creating continual innovations. The process includes the areas of technology and organization or even a mix of both. The learning process serves an alternative to the blueprint approach

  • The Process of Learning Essay

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    The Process of Learning Long before we are institutionalized, regimented and equipped with number two pencils and colored neat-books; we learn by falling into mud puddles and catching tadpoles. We find grass is green and sprouts between our toes and tickles the bottom of our feet with whispered softness. We sport kool-aid mustaches and know the purple kind is the best. We catch butterflies and learn their wings are as soft as the petals of the most exquisite flower. We learned through interaction

  • Learning Grammar, And Learning The Composition Process Essay

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    easier than my past ones; however, I did learn more during this course than I did in other classes. I have achieved the learning outcomes for this course, which were defined for us in the syllabus. This course has helped me improve my writing and achieve these outcomes through classroom methodologies, learning grammar, and learning the composition process. There are four learning outcomes that were set at the beginning of the semester. These outcomes include: 1. The student will be able to use various