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  • Summary In 'The Lottery' By Martin Niemoller

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    What do you think "Then Lottery" by Shirley Jackson means? I could bet some money that you are wrong. What about "First they came" by Martin Niemoller, you know what that means? The plot in "The Lottery" is, that you should speak up even if it’s the "wrong" thing to do. The plot in "First They Came" is, "justice & indifference" -Martin Niemoller. The three claims I have are justice & indifference, standing up may not be the easiest, & following the crowd (peer pressure). Now, the claim is talking

  • The Lottery By Martin Niemoller

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    Lottery by Shirley Jackson” is about a village that has a lottery and the of this lottery gets stoned to death witch is not the right thing. “First They Came by Martin Niemoller” is about a man who was once a Nazis and was regretful for not standing up for what is right. Both “The Lottery by Shirley Jackson” and “First They Came by Martin Niemoller” deal with standing up for what’s right may not be the easiest path, but they do so in different ways. Straightaway “The Lottery” is about following the crowd

  • Analysis Of The Lottery By Shirly Jaxson

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    The theme of the 2 story’s The Lottery by Shirly Jaxson and First they came … by Martin Niemoller is it is dangerous to follow blindly . The lottery is a story were everyone still does this tradition that basically gets people killed if they “win” then the towns people throw rocks at the people who “won” . They first came is a poem and it is about how the Nazis come for all of these different people and he did not stand up then they came for him and no one else was there to help him so basically

  • Analysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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    stoned to death by all the people that you lived with in the town. “First They Came” by Martin Niemoller, is a story about the Socialists, the Trade Union, the Jews, and Martin Niemoller. The Nazis started coming for the Socialists, and Martin didn’t say anything. The they came for the Trade Union, and Martin didn’t say anything. Then they came for the Jews, and Martin didn’t say anything. And then they came for Martin, and no one was there to help him, and why would they because he didn’t try to help

  • Comparison Of Shirley Hutchinson And The Lottery

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    that do this thing called the lottery, but you don’t win any money during this “lottery”, you get the prize of death. In “First They Came…” Martin Niemoller expresses his point of view on how he did not speak out for people in danger, when he should have. I chose this theme, because in both “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “First They Came…” by Martin Niemoller there are some people that could have stood up for each other but no one around them did so they didn’t want to. These two articles are alike

  • An Analysis Of Shirley Jackson And The Lottery

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    Harry Jones, Dickie Delacroix, Mr. Summers, and Mr. Hutchinson. The main idea of “First They Came…” by Martin Niemoller, is standing up for what is right isn’t always the easiest path. I believe that following a crowd, and standing up for what is right is not always the right path or easiest path. To begin with, “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is different than “First They Came…” by Martin Niemoller because the themes are not the same “The Lottery” conveys that following a crowd can lead to consequences;

  • The Lottery Persuasive Analysis

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    her but she still spoke against it. She tried and tried, no matter how difficult it was, to get into the townspeople’s mind that they should not be doing what they are doing, that it is wrong. Some people are not as brave as Tessie Hutchinson, Martin Niemoller, for example, had the chance to speak up against the Nazi, he had the chance to speak for what is right, instead he kept silent in “First they came”. It is hard standing up for what is right, especially when you do not know what the consequences

  • Analysis Of The Poem Making Connections Martin Niemoller

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    caught up in something that has changed your life? many times you can never tell if it will all be for good or bad. the writer of the poem Making Connections Martin niemoller. Martin Niemoller was a supporter of hitler at the beginning when he was first came to power. later when hitler was no longer doing the same things as when he started. niemoller started to notice that hitler was slowly taking the people's things away like rights and belongings. this same thing happened to the animals on manor farm

  • The Danger Of A Single Story By Chimamanda Adicie Essay

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    Single Stories are Problematic In the world we live in now it has become easy to stereotype and create a single story about certain people and situations, whether it’s intentional or not. In 2009, a Nigerian novelist named Chimamanda Adichie gave an amazing TED talk called “The Danger of the Single Story”. A single story more or less means an incomplete or inaccurate viewpoint of a person or culture based on a story created from a single experience. When one hears the same story over and over

  • EJ Eaton Scholarship Analysis

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    “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” –Henry David Thoreau. This quote demonstrates everything I wish to achieve while attending the University of Tennessee at Martin. Through this school and the amazing music program, I plan to become an even better leader, teacher, student, and trombone player. Having my work ethic, planning, and determination I have made it this far and I do not plan to slow down any time soon. Due to my accomplishments