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  • Who Lost Tunisia?

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    “Who lost Tunisia?” This question may well haunt future European leaders. As Hervé Morin, a former French defense minister, recently warned, Europe — and France in particular — cannot afford to wait until the black flag of the Islamic State is hoisted above the presidential palace in Tunis. Sadly, this bleak scenario can no longer be dismissed as an alarmist exaggeration. Only weeks after the Bardo National Museum massacre in March, a jihadist struck again in June, this time at Sousse, a popular

  • A Report On The Wine Industry, Based On Analysis And Theories For The Current Market

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    Tunisian wine industry, based on analysis and theories for the current market. It will point out all the advantages and disadvantages of investing in there and will make a recommendation based on many factors. The first part will talk briefly about Tunisia and will point out all the relevant information that can affect a newly started business in there. It will also go in depth by inserting Michel Porter’s national competitive advantage of industries (Diamond Theory) into the discussion of this subject

  • Inspirations for the Revolution in Tusnia

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    Located in Northern Africa, Tunisia was once a country marked by the authoritarian rule of Ben Ali. Citizens were increasingly repressed by the regime and at the end of 2010, after many years of suffering, decided to stage a revolution. However, it is important to note that the inspiration and primary stages of the revolution began many years prior to 2010 (Al-Azb 224). A revolution that marks a significant time in the history of both Tunisia and other Arab countries, the Tunisian uprising was greatly

  • How Do Allied Forces Control Sea Lines Of The Gulf Oil?

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    Requirements: I agree with the critical requirements IOT set the conditions for the critical capabilities to become fully operational. The command and control over Air/Sea/Land forces along with the Vichy forces is essential to a successful strategic campaign in the M/NATO. In addition, logistics security and synchronization with operations is paramount to maintain the offensive. I would remove the Air

  • The Battle Of Kasserine Pass

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    as the Americans were pushing for an invasion in northern France as early as 1942. American military leadership, however, was not sold on the logic or necessity of a North African campaign. General George C. Marshall, the architect of American military strategy, wanted no part of a US commitment to a Mediterranean campaign. The decision to commit American troops in North Africa came directly from President Roosevelt, who overruled the advice of Marshall and his military advisers on this point. b. As

  • Global and International Business Contexts – Sm0269 Essay

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    resources are important and in the case of Tunisia includes the natural resource of a climate well suited to wine growing, plenty of sunshine, fertile soil as well as limited pollution which all aid the industry of grape planting. Political and historical factors through Tunisia’s history such as the romans, French occupation which resulted in over 600 caves being created for wine aging and a recent flourish in the Tunisian wine industry after the 1980’s has left Tunisia with a number of cooperatives and

  • Tunisia: The First Social Media Revolution Essay example

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    In December of 2010 the people of Tunisia, a country located in northern Africa, revolted against their oppressive ruler, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. What triggered this uprising was an “act of desperation,” the self-immolation of 26 year old Mohamed Bouazizi, a Tunisian merchant (The Star). Bouazizi had been an unlicensed vegetable merchant for seven years before his cart was confiscated by a police officer who then “slapped the scrawny young man, spat in his face, and insulted his dead father,” (Abouzied)

  • Makings of a Tunisian Revolution

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    to the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak and the dissolution of the ruling National Democratic Party.” Seeing how Egypt’s masses were able to affect political and social change, young pro-democracy advocates in other Arab countries—including Tunisia, Yemen, and Morocco—were encouraged to followed suit. The Tunisian revolution began in December 2010, when fruit vendor Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire to call attention to government and police corruption, as police officers attempted

  • Assassination Of Ben Ali Research Paper

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    The protesting could have happened at any time, but the self-immolation of Bouazizi gave Tunisians courage to stand up to the government that had despotically ruled over them for many years. His attempted suicide empowered people throughout Tunisia to make the change rather than waiting for someone else to change the circumstances for them (Benson). The bravery of Bouazizi’s protest gave them the audacity necessary to stand up to Ben Ali and his regime. As the protesting escalated, Ben Ali attempted

  • Wikileaks May Have Saved Tunisia from Political Disaster

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    been finding the truth of topics wanted to be hidden to the public, and in this case their power was used to protect Tunisia. The procedure used to spread the truth may not be the most appropriate. It is the truth, and it will always be better to hear the crude reality than some beautiful lie. “The ends justify the means” –Niccolo Machiavelli. In some societies such as Tunisia, wikileaks has been so helpful that their fight has gone from virtual to physical. This is Wikileaks utopia, where a