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  • William 18th Century Edinburgh 's Court Of Session

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    Lord Monboddo, one of the most respected, eminent Judges at 18th century Edinburgh 's Court of Session, was definitely an oddball, passionately devoted to the ways of the Ancient Greeks and disapproving of anything he considered modern. As a result he lived simply, because if the Ancient Greeks didn 't use it, neither did he Brilliant lawyer, philosopher, leading figure in the Scottish Enlightenment and a striking, complex, flamboyant character to boot. Not bad for a laddie who started his education

  • New York 's Housing Problems

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    industrial epoch allows owners to rent [housing] for high prices to human beings, to plunder the poverty of the workers, to undermine the health of thousands in order that they alone, the owners may grow rich…Wherever a nook or corner was free, a house has been run up; where a superfluous passage remained, it has been built up…without reference to the health or comfort of the inhabitants, with sole reference to the highest possible profit on the principle that no hole is so bad but that some poor

  • Jimmy : A Boy Named Jimmy

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    there was a boy named Jimmy. Jimmy lived with his mom in a small house that was located in the south of Montana. Jimmy was not that tall of a kid and was fifteen years old and went to a high school located about five blocks away from his house. Jimmy 's mom was a part time nurse that work at a hospital about a thirty minute drive away. His mom did not get home until 10-12:00 at night. This meant that Jimmy was in charge of the house while his mom was gone. One night it was Tuesday October 20th just

  • Summary Of ' The First Thing I Am Going About The Apartment '

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    industrial neighborhood closer to approaching the highway, I noticed a warehouse that appeared to be a Second Hand store. I was so excited and asked Vince to stop so I could investigate. The huge store was filled to the rafters with used furniture, house hold items, mirrors, doors, wrought iron and decorative objects. I was looking forward to hunting for treasures when it was time to move in! I must admit that we were exhausted when we arrived at B&B Garibaldi. It had been an incredible day

  • Housing Is Categorized Under Basic Commodities

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    experience shortage of affordable housing, economics continue to debate on the necessity of government intervention in the issue. Housing affordability may result to stress in situations where people strain to meet the cost of simple yet suitable houses. Naturally, people are supposed to spend a mere 20% of their income on housing. However, people in Australia spend more than 40 percent of their income on housing. This means that people do not retain enough money to cater for other basic needs such

  • Original Writing : Dark Green Building

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    Sitting at my dinning table, my mother and I were waiting for my father who was driving back from work. It was almost 2:30 pm and my father had not shown up. He would usually arrive at this time but apparently he was late; I wondered why. Suddenly, a car just like my father’s appeared and I ran towards my living room’s window to see if my suspicions were correct but they were not. It was a man who seemed disappointed and mad since the street ended up having no place to go. The car made a U-turn and

  • Jersey Street : A Neighborhood Area And The Twilight Zone

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    Distinctive residential areas occur through housing types, 87% of houses on Jersey street are terraced houses, this is due to the position of Jersey Street on the bid rent curve model. Of the three roads we are analysing, Jersey Street is the closest to the CBD. Because of this the competition for land and space is high, leading to high land values. Jersey Street has the smallest houses of the three streets, with little or no garden space, this is due to the competition for space in the inner city

  • The Foreclosure Crisis Of Foreclosure

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    Since buying was out of the question, all these people had to rent. The market has made a recovery and home values went back up but a lot of the overnight investors still have trashed credit history and no wealth built up and still they cannot buy houses to live in. They must continue to rent and the investors who were able to make it through the crash will continue to make money and build wealth through the properties that they were able to hold and rent. The rental market is huge here in South Florida

  • The House & Home Exhibit

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    playing with dollhouses as a child, or how about building homes out of Lego’s or Lincoln Logs? The concept of home is something we experience from a very young age, after all, as the new long-term exhibit House & Home at the National Building Museum points out, “We all live somewhere.” The House & Home exhibit explores a subject so wide and so fundamental to the American way of life that it resonates with visitors of all ages and backgrounds. A visit to any of the Washington, D.C. based National

  • Tips For Launching Your Real Estate Investing Career

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    under them list a few steps or smaller goals that need to be achieved before you are able to achieve them. With the long term goals always think big. Another good exercise for long term goals is to make a collage of you goals. Put pictures of the house you want on it, places you want to travel, a picture of your family, a number of what income you want in or anything you can think of. 3. Learn Knowledge builds confidence and destroys fear. If you are starting any kind of business you need to learn