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  • Chapter Three Of A Monster

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    Chapter Three A Monster in My Side We tore through the night down dark country roads, wind slamming into the pickup. Rain lashed the windshield. I didn’t know how Mom could see anything, but she kept her foot on the pedal. Each time there was a flash of lightning, I glanced at Simon sitting in the backseat, and I wondered if I’d gone mad or if he was wearing a robe, cone-shaped hat, and elf shoes. All I could think to say was, “So, um, you and my dad know each other?” Simon’s gaze flitted to the

  • Chapter Two Of A Frey

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    there were no cars behind us. “Yeah, sure,” he said. “We work together.” “Oh . . . so what exactly do you do?” “That doesn’t matter right now.” “Then why—” “The less you know, the fewer monsters you’ll attract,” Baden said, like that should be perfectly obvious. “At least that’s what it says in the book.” “Monsters—wait a minute, what do you mean?” The howling rose up again somewhere behind us, closer than before. Whatever was chasing us was still on our trail. “Aiden,” my mom said, “there’s too much

  • Short Essay On The Horror Of The City

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    and headed back out into Berlin. In the first jeep was Richards and I with nolan as our guard. In the back jeep was Ilya, klaus and the doctor. We navigated the streets with care looking out for any roads with lots of infected or any type of other monsters we ran into beforehand. I looked over at the roads in a nearby street were fires have been burning so long the bricks have started to form with the fire to make a molten lava supstance. “Look down those roads over there. It looks like lava?”. Richards

  • Off Road Racing Research Paper

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    If you are a fun off-road sports fan and you find it thrilling to have a good time, you can have a great experience by riding mud bogging trucks. These vehicles are popular particularly in Canada and the United States. Riding them is a very exhilarating experience. The mud bogging sport combines the thrill of racing, the fun that comes from off-road racing, the love of performance vehicles and the love that little boys have of playing in the mud, which many adults still have. This sport was introduced

  • Personal Narrative : Creative Writing : Clicky Clack '

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    Clickey-clack... Clickety-clack... Clickety-clack... A pair of chocolate brown eyes stared wistfully through the thick glass pane of the large window, watching the rolling green hills and quaint farmhouses flashing past. They locked onto a windmill, its wooden petals rotating slowly as it churned the grain stores inside the barrel underneath the tall legs of steel, reminding her of the life she was leaving. The life she had grown up in. The quiet, laid back, easy going, calm life she was used to

  • Personal Narrative: Hold My Beer

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    ” Jim chided before assembling the inner workings of a drum brake in seconds flat. Though he was the only mechanic present, the brake he assembled fell apart a week or so later. My close friend Tony and I were trying to replace the brakes on his truck, meanwhile his parents and their friend Jim drank and listened to loud music in the garage with us. Tony’s girlfriend Sarah was working on drawings upstairs with one of her own friends, sequestered away from the grease and racket of classic rock and

  • Tired Angels - Original Writing Essay

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    himself a new 4x4 Ford extended cab with a box cap. Even an experienced driver would have a challenge parallel parking such a monster! Stan never worried if there was enough room to park. With four-wheel drive at his disposal, he easily made enough room, and his reputation went before him! One evening, he was hospitalized, and, at his request, I was asked to drive his truck home. It was amazing to watch people turning off on side streets as I approached them from behind or as they saw me coming toward

  • Grendel : Evil Essay

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    Early on in the story Gardener depicts Grendel as being very observant, critical and somewhat spiteful of the world around him. He describes himself as a murderous monster who smells of death and crouches in the shadows. Grendel watches the humans from the shadows of the trees and at first it seems as though they are the real monsters, slaughtering and pillaging all for the sake of their leaders and for power. This light that the humans are put in gives Grendel a certain charisma about him, making

  • Monter Inc. Movie Essay

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    movie, I was taken back to my childhood when there were monsters in my own closet. Over the years, the monsters have all died and been replaced by just as scary skeletons, so my closet is still full. However, to a young child monsters are still lurking in the shadows, and they still make the floor creak. The approach taken by the writers of this film is one of uniqueness and of originality. By successfully juxtaposing the situation between monster and child, the writers were able to confront a touchy

  • Flashback : ' At Last '

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    They swarmed around him rapidly. Page Eight:- “Oi! Monster-face! How’d they let someone as ugly as you into school?” snarled Jimmy Scott, playing to his audience. The gang of children laughed and pointed at the unwelcome monster. At once, Norbert - the big monster - felt small, very small. He wished silently that he was invisible as he cowered away, trying to hide his face as his eyes welled up and then,