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  • The Life Of Stephen Schwartz

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    Kelsey Tutein Professor Rasor THEA 236 W01 22 April 2015 The life of Stephen Schwartz Stephen Schwartz is a famous American composer, producer, and creator of music and film. With a degree in drama, Schwartz was first hired as a producer in his early years. Schwartz was interested in musical Theater since the early 1970’s when he was famous for three popular shows on Broadway; Godspell, Pippin, and The Magic Show (The Songwriters Hall of Fame). Stephen Schwartz accomplishments include winning the

  • The Dynamic Partnership Of Richard Rodgers And Oscar Hammerstein

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    Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein are often considered to have fathered of the “golden age” of musical theater; a distinct and radical departure in musical story telling that had not previously been conceived. Their first venture, Oklahoma!, was inspired by the 1931 stage play, Green Grow the Lilacs, by Cherokee author, poet, and playwright, Rollie Lynn Riggs. Despite the success of this musical adaptation, one must consider Oklahoma! in relation to its source material; although Rodgers and Hammerstein

  • Analysis Of ' Aladdin ' By John Musker And Ron Clements

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    Recently, over the Winter, I brought my girlfriend to watch the Broadway Musical Aladdin. It was a very spectacular Broadway musical. I have been to many Broadway plays like Matilda and Wicked, but Aladdin, in my opinion was my favorite one. The Broadway musical is based off the 1992 Disney film “Aladdin,” which was directed by John Musker and Ron Clements. Since the musical was produced in 2014, I got to see the original cast, which was pretty astounding. The music and acting was very well played

  • Ceo Robert A. Disney Corporation

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    In his letter to shareholders that proceeds the 2014 financial report, Disney’s CEO Robert A. Iger divulges Disney’s brand strategy, he states, “we’ve reached this level of sustained success by focusing on three strategic priorities that unlock the limitless potential of this remarkable company: unparalleled creativity, innovative technology, and global expansion” (Fiscal Year 2014 3). Though Iger does not specifically refer to Disney Theatrical Productions (DTP) in his letter, the company’s strategic

  • Music And Music

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    To what extent has technology influenced music and music culture? Music has played alongside humankind throughout all of history. It has brought together people, creating communities and sub-cultures, acting as a reflection of everything we have experienced and expressed as a race. However, the influence of technologies developed overtime has changed how we experience, ultimately changing culture and how we express ourselves through music. To be able to create the music we hear today has taken thousands

  • Seasons Of Love : The Theme Of Love And Rent

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    perspective on life. One Broadway musical that swept the stage with attention was Rent. Rent takes place in the East Village of New York City from the late 1980's to the early 1990's. Rent targets a more pensive topic: HIV/AIDS. The story efficiently depicts the hardships of poverty, drug abuse, and financial struggle from the perspective of people who were HIV/AIDS positive back when scientists didn't know much about the stigma or how to treat it. In the film, the song, Seasons of Love, was performed

  • The Great Depression

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    wave of immigrants came into New York, the Puerto Ricans. For some the American dream was to come to America and start a new life, but for others already here, it was about making it big in show business. “West Side Story”, a twentieth century musical, was greatly influenced by the immigration during that time. Before West Side Story was written, there were some major events that occurred. For instance, in 1914 America entered WWI. Then in 1920, women were given the right to vote and women’s

  • How To Write An Essay On Oscar Hammerstein's Plays

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    Columbia undergraduate named Richard Rodgers in writing a Varsity Show called Fly with Me. Not long after, Hammerstein dropped out of grad school at Columbia to concentrate his efforts entirely on musical theater. Lorenz Hart was 7 years older than Richard Rodgers, who was only 16 when they began their musical collaboration, with Rodgers acting as the composer and Hart as the lyricist. Manhattan was their 1925 breakthrough hit, and scores of other songs yielded many of today's standards, including Blue

  • An Analysis Of Andrew Lloyd Webber 's ' An Broadway Producer That Is A Part Of A Publicly Traded Company

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    In addition to non-profit, and independent producers, DTP can also be compared to other corporate theatre producers. However, before this comparison is made it must be noted that currently DTP is the only major Broadway producer that is a part of a publicly traded company. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group was public between 1986 and 1990, but private since 1990 (Hunter). The other notable public theatrical producer was Livent, a Canadian company founded in 1990 by Garth Drabinsky and Myron

  • Invention Of Electronic Music

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    electric instruments was the theremin invented by Russian scientist Leon Theremin (Britannica, Theremin Musical Instrument). The theremin produces sine waves and is a” box with radio tubes producing oscillation at two sound wave frequencies above the range of hearing; together they produce a lower audible frequency equal to the difference in their rates of vibration (Britannica, Theremin Musical Instrument)”. By moving one’s hand or a wand in front of the antennas, one could control the pitch played