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  • My Reading Of Trilling And Hood ( 2001 ) And Curriculum 21

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    2006) Introduction In such a short time, I have taken a very long personal journey. My reading of Trilling and Hood (2001) and Curriculum 21 started me on a trajectory of trying to understand how to improve education for “Knowledge Age” workers. I examined what global requirements might be for our graduating students in the future. This led me to a U.S. Department of Labor report called “What work requires of schools” (SCANS, 1991). The SCANS team, having examined cognitive science of the time, determined

  • Charter School Advantages

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    The Advantage of Charter Schools A charter school is an openly funded, self- sufficient school, entrenched by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter or with provincial or domestic jurisdiction. Charter schools were established over twenty years ago. They have expanded rapidly during the last decade. (Barbour, 2013) The US Department of Education has contributed grants to support charter school efforts. Charter schools should be considered by every parent before enrolling

  • Safety Of The Building And Campus

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    Safety of the building and campus is also a large concern for any administrator. As an administrator I will be responsible for the safety of the contents of the building, including teachers and students. Again, teachers are the first line of defense in regards of assuring that the building is secured and any outside doors remain closed and locked during school hours. It is necessary to control access into the building through the front office. Use of a surveillance system can also be key in keeping

  • Examples Of My Utopia

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    In My Utopia, no ideal government exists. My Utopias’ ideal government would serve one function, and one function only – to protect our liberty, not take it away. Also the power would lie in the community/people’s hands and not in a woman/man with a suit and tie doing whatever lobbyists want them to do. My utopias’ ideal government would strive for love and peace, instead of striving for war and fear. Our utopia has a leader. It isn’t one single leader; it is more like a group of leaders. The

  • Puritans Influence On New England Colonies

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    ideas, and values of the Puritans greatly shaped the development of the colonies in a number of distinct ways. Politically, the idea of a united, representative government that later became a staple of the US was derived from Puritan ideals. Economically, the ideals of fair pricing and the celebrated “Yankee frugality and thriftiness” originated from the Puritans. Socially, emphasis on church, religion, and community was another lasting influence of the Puritans. Clearly, the values held by the Puritans

  • Essay on My Ideal Teacher

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    My Ideal Teacher When I think about teachers that I have had in the past, several different ones come to my mind. Each of these educators stands out in my mind for a variety of diverse reasons. Whether it is their sense of humor, their tactfulness, their love of the subject matter, their fanatical and sporadic behavior, or their yearning to be childish themselves, I can still remember at least one quality of every teacher I have ever encountered. Every one of these teachers conveyed subject

  • Reflection Paper

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    successful rang in my ears each day I woke up until it became apart of my life. Being that I was raised on the south-side of Richmond, I was brought up around my fellow black children, however, I was sheltered away from understanding how they lived their life in order to keep me veering towards this clear-cut and defined persona. As I approached the end of my fifth-grade year, I was asked to take a placement test for the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at Lucille Brown Middle School. By the grace

  • I Want to Become an Architect

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    Ever since I was young, I have admired intricate buildings and structures. I have always appreciated a nice, well thought out home because I do believe home is where the heart is. I have done lots of research on architecture, and what it takes to become an architect. I am naturally drawn to this career because it requires lots of creativity and an eye for design. Being an architect also allows you to interact with people, which is important to me because I am a social person. It also is a steady

  • My Career: My Path To My Essal Career

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    interest in the medical field beginning when I was 9 years old. Throughout my life I have met people who inspired me and aided me on my path to discovering my ideal career. I have considered other career options and after a great deal of self-reflection, I have found that a career as a pharmacist satisfies all of my needs. I desire a career that will provide a comfortable lifestyle, a career that will not make me sacrifice a life with my family, and a career that allows me to make a significant difference

  • Journey To Education : My Journey Of Education In India

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    great significance in my life because I’m a Dalit and was born in the slum of a big city (Ahmedabad). Since an early age I have been experiencing and observing discrimination in the name of caste (social hierarchical structure). The great emancipator of Dalits, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar said education is the tool to fight against oppression and all forms of injustice. I understood this message deeply from early on in my life and strived for higher education. The first big milestone in my journey of education