Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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Today we live a society that is driven by the internet, social media and fame. Ads have changed dramatically; corporations are spending more money on social media every year. You are seeing kids today making money through Facebook, through Instagram, through Twitter, through Snapchat, through youtube, through Tumblr, and through twitch, and that's what the film Generation Like was talking about. As a teenager being part of this generation like that Douglas Rushkoff is talking about, and I can relate to some of it. I remember growing up when Facebook was popping, and all we wanted was to be like in middle school, kids my age would post funny memes and “t.b.h” which stands for ‘to be honest”.When we would post things like that, we were looking for likes and shares and comments. why? The reason we did this was because we were able too, we felt good about it, and in the movie, that’s the same reason the kids are doing it. This is because of people started posting what they liked, or at least what they pretend they liked. Guys started to try to be cool by acting cool on the social media just like the kids in the movie, they would put things that they were interested in; for example, a friend of mine who was popular would put that he was into monster energy drinks, which he has never tasted his life. he would say like my photo for a rate of 1-10 because the popular kids would get girls, and before you know it you had every teenager following Lil Wayne, and every young girl
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