NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest

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  • Analysis Of Pumped Up Kicks

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    When listening to a song no one ever pauses the music and thinks about the true meaning behind it. Several songs have meanings but some of the artists produce those songs to create an awareness. “Pumped up Kicks” by Foster the People is a song the band created to raise awareness of school shootings. I have always listened to this song, but I never found out the story behind it until this year. Listening to this song now has changed my perspective on listening to music. Songs have a reason for everything

  • Book Report : ' The Beasts Of The East Basketball '

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    event every small infant, to up and coming middle school player, high school stars, and some past NBA legends found pleasure in. Exhilarating and dramatic, the Beasts in the East Basketball Tournament was about to start, and the two best players in the East were the brothers Jermaine and Chauncey Collin. Before I go any further, the Beasts in the East Basketball Tournament was an annual event like an NBA All-Star Weekend. The tournament includes the best players on the East side of America and host

  • Nba All-Star Night Research Paper

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    NBA All-Star Weekend is in books, and it might have been one of the better All-Star Weekends in several years. Although the All-Star Game wasn’t as competitive as most had hoped, the pageantry surrounding the event was at an all-time high as Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour made its latest stop at the Air Canada Center in Toronto. The Slam Dunk Contest might have been the best ever, the Three-Point Contest came down to teammates and likely the two best shooters in the world, and a big man pulled off the

  • All-Star Game Analysis

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    The mid-season NBA All-Star game has long been considered a favorite spectator event for basketball fans all over the world. It's a wonderful opportunity to see the best basketball players in the world come together to showcase their collective talents in an exhibition setting. For the players, it provides an opportunity to enhance the overall experience of being a professional basketball player. About the 2017 All-Star Game This season's All-Star classic weekend is scheduled to run from February

  • Biography on Michael Jeffery Jordan Essay

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    It all added up to an NBA Rookie of the Year Award, a slot on the NBA All-Rookie Team, and a selection to the All-NBA Second Team. After finishing fourth in the Central Division, the Bulls faced the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the playoffs and fell four games. Jordan averaged 29.3 points in the series

  • History of the Chicago Bulls Essay example

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    because before Jordan came to the Bulls the Bulls had to come to the NBA. The Chicago Bulls are one of the most memorable and historic professional basketball teams in history. The Bulls joined the National Basketball Association in 1965. Before this the Bulls had been known as the Chicago stags, the stags had been one of the best teams in the Business Basketball Association since 1946 and even played one season in the NBA before they folded and started over as the present day Chicago