Noonan syndrome

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  • Noonan Syndrome Summary

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    present in Noonan Syndrome. Many studies listed other cognitive functions that may be impacted by NS, and depending on the nature of the function, it could have a negative impact on language and speech. “Identification of attention problems and other psychiatric comorbidities will be an important element in developing appropriate educational and treatment goals to benefit individuals with Noonan syndrome” (Pierpont et al., 2014, p.391). Since some links have been made between Noonan Syndrome and delays

  • Noonan Syndrome

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    a DNA abnormality. “Noonan Syndrome is a genetic disorder, it prevents normal development in different parts of the body (Mayo, 2016).” There are several different abnormalities caused by Noonan Syndrome that can affect people. Noonan Syndrome is a genetic disorder which a means it can be passed through parents to their children. Noonan Syndrome is a dominant gene pattern. This means that you only have one copy of an alternate gene. If you are diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome you have a 50% chance

  • Noonan Syndrome Essay

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    with the Noonan Syndrome! The Noonan syndrome is a condition that normally involves disabilities such as a heart problem found from the start of birth, short stature, a webbed neck, or chest deformities may be seen as well (. This is extremely depressing because K.J. Jr. amazingly beat the odds of one in 1000-2500 births that will have this type of genetic syndrome (Noonan Syndrome Support Group)! The Noonan syndrome is inherited along with birth and anyone may be born with the syndrome regardless

  • Noonan Syndrome Research Paper

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    Overview Noonan syndrome is a disorder caused by a genetic mutation that causes various parts of the patient’s body to develop abnormally. The condition occurs when a parent passes on an affected gene to their child that produces constantly active proteins, leading to a disruption in the process of normal cell division and growth. Science currently knows of eight genes in which a mutation can cause the disorder. In some cases, there is no family history and the mutation is spontaneous. Symptoms

  • Noonan Syndrome Case Studies

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    Introduction Noonan syndrome, named eponymously for the pediatric cardiologist who first described it, is an autosomal dominant disorder (Gelb and Tartaglia, 2006). It affects 1 in 1,000–2,500 live births with no sex predominance, and is the most common syndromal cause of congenital heart disease, except for Down’s syndrome (Zaras, et al. 2015). This means that in order for the subject to obtain this order, he/she will have to inherit the mutated gene from at least one of their parents. Noonan syndrome causes

  • Noonan Syndrome: Article Analysis

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    In the Article Common Genetic Disease Linked to Father’s Age scientist from the University of Southern California observed new cases involving the Noonan Syndrome. In their study, they noticed that more cases of this disease are becoming more common in older men. Noonan Syndrome, formally heard of as the Turner-like Syndrome is a genetic mutation that affects many areas of the body. According to the article, “The disease can cause facial abnormalities, short stature, heart defects, intellectual

  • Link Between Autism And Noonan Syndrome

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    autism and Noonan Syndrome. All testing done for this study was characterized as a formal assessment. They were as follows: The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children- Revised, Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, and Test of Problem Solving skills. For speech and language evaluation specifically, the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-Revised was given. (Ghaziuddin, Bolyard, & Alessi, 1994) Wilson and Dyson (1982) targeted speech and language characteristics of children with Noonan Syndrome

  • Noonan Syndrome Is Agenetic Birth Defect That Results In

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    Noonan syndrome is a genetic birth defect that results in many physical deformities and possible developmental handicaps. Noonan Syndrome affects male children while Turner Syndrome affects females. This paper will focus solely on Noonan Syndrome, which affects 1 in approximately 2,000 people. Complications include but are not limited to: short stature, widely spaced eyes, some form of heart disease, and stunted puberty or infertility. Noonan syndrome is a biochemical disorder that occurs before

  • Genetic Disorders: Cardiofaciocutaneous Syndrome Essays

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    Cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome is a very rare and serious genetic disorder that generally affects the heart, facial features, and skin of an individual. It is caused by a desultory gene mutation, which takes place in one of four genes. Those genes are known as BRAF, MEK1, MEK2, and KRAS. From research, it is also suspected there is a possibility that other genes are associated with the rare condition. This disorder holds multiple alternative names, a long history, obvious symptoms, extensive amounts

  • Clinician Intervention Case Study

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    If a clinician is going to individualize an assessment specifically towards a client, then in order to work on the areas identified, the intervention plan must reflect the results of the assessment. Every individual varies greatly, and with Noonan Syndrome, it is no different. Even though specific characteristics are identified, each patient will present with different degrees and attributes, if they even present with any at all. Intervention needs to be specifically designed for the individual