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  • The University Of Findlay And Ohio Dominican University

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    that seem to meet my criteria are The University of Findlay and Ohio Dominican University. Both colleges have positive aspects, such as having the major that I am interested in as well as being close to family.  However, The University of Findlay seems to be a better fit than Ohio Dominican because it is closer to home and I am familiar with the campus and I grew up on this campus. When comparing The University of Findlay (UF) and Ohio Dominican University (ODU),  I have found similarities and differences

  • Synthesis Essay : The Ohio State University

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    Synthesis Essay: Jim Tressel MSgt Greg Frank Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy Jim Tressel The Ohio State University is home to one of the best college football teams in America. The university has a rich history where several famous players and coaches have emerged. One famous coach in particular is Jim Tressel, who coached at Ohio State from 2001 until 2011. During his tenure, he had a winning record that came to an abrupt end as a result of multiple ethics

  • Essay On Ohio State University

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    The College That’s Right For You Ohio state university is an amazing university to attend, the university guides their students toward success and a bright future. The national average for full-time students at 4-year degree-granting institutions was 59 percent. (“ Key Statistics”). College Raptor Blog, 15 Dec. 2017,). It’s important to pick the correct college for you so have an enjoyable time and get through your 4 years smoothly. Ohio State University proves to be the best choice for future enrollment

  • Ohio University Pros And Cons

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    Ohio University Career and Leadership Development Center is a beneficial program that offers to students and alumni several resources. All the resources aim to take action in their careers, gain experience, develop work skills, leadership ability of the crisis to work, and evolve them in the career. The program offers many services that help both of students and illume to realize whatever they want in their career and being ready for future’s job. For example, it offers Career Coaching and Leadership

  • The Importance Of Living At Ohio University

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    Ohio University is ranked as the second largest party school in the state of Ohio. In spite of this fact, I found myself shadowing a close friend of mine at Ohio University, Friday and Saturday night. While in high school, I had always considered choosing a larger university over a community college. However, I have always preferred smaller class sizes and could not imagine myself living apart from my parents at the young age of 18. Although I had my doubts about Ohio University, I now realize why

  • The Importance Of The Ohio State University

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    plus courses, which started me off as a sophomore here at the University of Cincinnati. One huge deciding factor was if I felt that I could make a difference at the university or not. When I went on my UC college tour the area reminded me of home and I felt that I would’ve been able to make an impact at the school and the environment, I felt that I would be more than just a number. I applied to a few other

  • Student Athletes For The University Of Ohio

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    to show less motivation making it harder to stay focus and attend their required classes. This is the case of student- athlete Cardale Jones, a quarterback for the University of Ohio. After taking his sociology final exam, he commented that coming to class was pointless when his only responsibility was to play football for the university (Tracy 1). Student athletes start to show poor academic achievement when they consume a lot of time in their sports and often forget about their role of being a student

  • Ohio State University Research Paper

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    attend one of the following colleges: Ohio State, Michigan State, or UCLA. Ohio State is located in Columbus, Ohio, Michigan State is located in East Lansing, Michigan, and UCLA is located Los Angeles, California. When looking at these three colleges, I will be comparing overall fees, varsity sports, student population, the size of city where the university is located, and the awards offered. Out of these three universities, I would prefer the Ohio State University. When I am looking for a college

  • Case Study: Ohio State University

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    so he can start saving up for college. His parents are also going to help him out with paying with college. If I were Tom the school that I would list as my top choice for now would be Ohio State University. The tuition and fees for Ohio State University is only 10,037 when the tuition and fees for Xavier University in Cincinnati is 33,000. Now this all depends on Tom and the type of student he is. Is Tom the type of student that it is easier for him to focus in a small school with only a few people

  • Banning Smoking On Ohio University 's Campus

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    Banning Smoking on Ohio University’s Campus Ohio University president, Roderick McDavis stated that “We will join more than 1,000 campuses nationwide who ban the use of tobacco on their campuses,”(Lee). Banning smoking will help make the campus area healthy by encouraging the smokers to quit smoking, Ohio University decided to ban smoking on any campus property. The University campus will begin the Smoke and Tobacco-Free Initiative policy in August 2015. The policy will impose by using "a community