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  • Essay About High School

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    Peg snatched the poster off her desk, ripping a corner. She then flipped it to the floor and stamped on it, making sure to leave a dirty footprint on the paper. Red reached for her art bag and flinched as boris gave it a kick. She watched as her oil pastel crayons spilled out of her bag, and a lone red crayon rolled down the aisle. “We don’t care about your stupid ideas. No one looking at that poster would want to come to this classroom anyway.” Peg stood over Red, making her cringe as she shook

  • How Did Edgar Degas's Use Of Visual Impairments

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    This portrait of dancing women, is a draft done in pastels, with the expert mixing of various other materials such as gouache, tempera. This is attributed to the experimental nature of Edgar Degas’s methods and techniques of creating his works. The lines are not sharp and crisp as you would expect in a typical impressionist’s work and yet there is the subtle detailed definition such as the

  • Montclair Art Museum Analysis

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    The Montclair Art Museum is located in Montclair, New Jersey. The museum holds various collections throughout the year and offers an outlet for students and other artists to explore within their facilities. Upon visiting, the main exhibition presented was Matisse and American Art. This exhibition held 19 pieces created by Henri Matisse and other American artists. The museum centered on central theme of Matisse and there was a specific gallery of Matisse inspired Art. In this gallery I found Untitled

  • Comparison Of Bath And Edgar Degas's Leaving The Bath

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    notice. The different mediums allows the painters to convey their message in different ways. These similarities and differences allow us to see the different mindsets of each of the painters as they made these works of art. Gerome used the medium oil on canvas to create The Bath, which shows two women, one is washing the other in a large bathing room. One woman with black hair is fully nude and sitting on a brown cage with bars so you can see through it, and her face is not shown. The other women

  • The Railroad Bride Analysis

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    Consider the painting The Railroad Bride, Argenteuil by Claude Monet. This artwork looks simple, but uses geometry and one point linear perspective. Monet uses a sense of opposition is created by the alternating rhythm of light to dark established by the bridge pillars and the color orange and blue in both water and smoke from the train above. The light and dark areas given the picture asymmetrical balance between the dark and light areas. Monet uses one point linear perspective to create the bride

  • The Art Gallery : Six Friends At Dieppe

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    In the Impressionist gallery in RISD museum, a biggest piece of work attracts people’s eyes. Six Friends at Dieppe, a drawing made by Edgar Degas in 1885, depicts a moment of six people on vacation on France’s Northern Coast. Degas used pastel on rough paper to created this portrait from a vertical view. Six men emerge from an orange background and five of them assemble on the right side. These people dressing in the suits typically in 1880s come from different ages. Apart from four middle-aged men

  • Descriptive Essay About Identity

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    Kassidy. One Tuesday afternoon, my friend, Katy told me that Kassidy was going to sit with us at lunch that day. I shrugged my shoulders and replied with a casual “okay”. Before Kassidy walked in, I had a whole image of her in my mind: blonde hair, cute pastel colored clothes, and religious, all stereotypes that I thought a person with an innocent name like Kassidy

  • The, Pastel Blues, By Nina Simone

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    Nina Simone’s 8th studio album, Pastel Blues, is an album featuring a fusion of sistering genres: blues, jazz, soul, folk, and gospel. Nina, being the brilliant arranger she was, is known for her ability to blend these genres into her signature sound. A sound most struggle to classify due to its avant garde nature. She got her start in music by playing the piano in church. One evening her church had a recital where her talents were recognised. Which lead to her starting piano lessons. Nina and her

  • Natural Resources : Natural Resource

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    Natural Resource When we looking at the lipstick, the primary ingredients we are going to found are wax, oil, pigment, dyes, alcohol, fragrance, preservatives, and antioxidants. Wax enable the mixture to be formed into the easily recognized shape of the cosmetic. Wax is usually the combination of three type of waxes — Beeswax, Candelilla wax, and Camauba wax. Beeswax is a natural wax produces by honey bees. Candelilla wax is wax derive from the leaves of the small Candelilla shrub native to northern

  • When You Have Curly Hair

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    Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment or any hair oil of your choice, a blow dryer with both a toothed cover and a straight cover, any straightener, a comb, and an old t-shirt. When washing your curly hair, use a dime sized