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  • Organic Chemistry : The Scientific Study Of Organic Chemistry

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    Organic chemistry is the scientific study of organic materials, those that contain carbon atoms. Organic compounds are classified into families that are known as homologous series. The members of each homologous series share some common features. A homologous series is composed of compounds that have the same general formula (functioning group), usually the only differentiation is the length of the carbon chain or number of monomers. The difference in the length of the carbon chain can have an effect

  • Organic Chemistry

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    Running head: Organic Chemistry Tamanna Ashraf Palm Beach State College Principle of Chemistry Ceravolo, Joseph MW 11:00am-12:15pm February 6th, 2011 We all are living in a science world. Everything has some kind of reaction going on in our living area. It is just we do not get to see or realize that where n how we having our life much easier than it used to be. In these writing assignments, the topic is about the organic chemistry. In organic chemistry, we all have different kinds of compounds

  • Organic Chemistry : Organic Vs. Inorganic Chemistry

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    I selected organic chemistry because honestly it looks like a very interesting topic. Before doing research on this topic the knowledge I had before about organic chemistry was that it has something to do with food. After doing research I found out that I was way off track. I learned that in the late 1820’s was when organic chemistry was stumbled upon. In 1828 Friedrich Wohler produce the organic chemical rued, a mixture of urine from inorganic starting Materials. This is now called the Wohler Synthesis

  • Essay on Organic Chemistry

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    Chemistry has been called the science of what things are. Its intent is the exploration of the nature of the materials that fabricate our physical environment, why they hold the different properties that depict them, how their atomic structure may be fathomed, and how they may be manipulated and changed. Although organic reactions have been conducted by man since the discovery of fire, the science of Organic chemistry did not develop until the turn of the eighteenth century, mainly in France at

  • My Passion For Organic Chemistry

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    Realizing chemistry principles’ immense potential for developing tools to treat human diseases galvanized my passion for studying organic chemistry. Through my undergraduate studies and research, I found motivations in pursuing a graduate education at The Scripps Research Institute to become an expert in chemical reactivity and methodology design, and contribute to developing pharmaceuticals. The elegant and logical framework of chemical transformations in Professor Thomas Maimone’s organic chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry Reflection

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    Starting from last year, the organic chemistry teaching lab in Tech has been my second home at Northwestern University. Soon, it became a place where I worked, researched, and studied. On some days, I would spend more time in the lab than in my own dorm room. This place was very familiar to me, but while observing this familiar place, I found different interactions that I had not noticed before. Prior to this observational exercise, I thought that the lab was a just place where classes were held

  • Chemistry Lab And Organic Chemistry

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    After a harsh Wednesday due to Chemistry Lab and Organic Chemistry, I enjoy sitting in the patio area of Cafe 1919 and enjoy a Panini along with a Caprese salad. Both the main dish and side contain a fruit I once hated as a child. Tomato have always been the part of the burger I threw out, the part of the salad I did not touch, the part I could never swallow. Even throughout high school, I always hated tomatoes, but ever since I got to UCLA my love for this fruit exponentially grew out of nowhere

  • My Passion For Organic Chemistry

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    studying organic chemistry arises from me realizing there is immense potential embedded in the chemistry principles to develop tools for the treatment of human diseases. Through my undergraduate studies and research, I became determined in pursuing a graduate carrier, in which I aim to grow into an expert in chemical reactivities and an independent scientist who can invent chemistry and contribute to the development of pharmaceuticals. In my sophomore year, I was intensely drawn to organic chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry Of Chemical Reactions

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    Organic Chemistry Organic chemistry is the chemistry of carbon compounds. It deals with the structure, properties and reactions of compounds that contain carbon and includes those from nature as well as synthetic compounds. Organic chemistry, often termed as the ‘chemistry of design’, allows new molecules to be created such as in the manufacture of plastics, polymers, fuels, soaps, detergents, drugs and medicines. These, if carefully designed, have important properties for the improvement of mankind

  • Coconut Oil For A Saponification Of Organic Chemistry In Chemistry

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    Abstract - Despite most organic chemistry laboratories utilizing coconut oil for a saponification reaction in laboratories, little has been done to utilize an alternative, more superior, oil for the reaction. An extremely common allergy to have is to be allergic to nuts, and more specifically coconuts. When laboratory experiments are conducted using coconut oil it endangers the lives of students and laboratory personal. Coconut oil is also more expensive than other oils that could potentially be