Organic Chemistry : The Scientific Study Of Organic Chemistry

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Organic chemistry is the scientific study of organic materials, those that contain carbon atoms. Organic compounds are classified into families that are known as homologous series. The members of each homologous series share some common features. A homologous series is composed of compounds that have the same general formula (functioning group), usually the only differentiation is the length of the carbon chain or number of monomers. The difference in the length of the carbon chain can have an effect on many physical properties of the chemical, for example the boiling point. Alcohols are organic compounds in which one or more hydroxyl (-OH) groups is bound to a carbon atom. This group of compounds plays a key role in the world, ranging from alcoholic beverages to medicine to being important compounds in organic chemistry. Boiling point is the point at which liquids become heated to such an extent that its molecules begin to turn into a gas, this is due to the addition of energy to the molecules. Molecular mass is a number that equals the sum of the combined atomic masses of all the atoms in a molecule.
This investigation looks to investigate the effects of C-C bonds, molecular mass, and symmetry on the boiling point of homologous series. It could provide a preliminary first step for later studies in this area by establishing a link between single C-C bonds and boiling points of hydrocarbons. The homologous series analyzed in this investigation will be alcohols

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