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  • Portage River Observation

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    2017 the 7th grade, team odyssey went on a trip to William Henry Harrison Park to observe the Portage River and the ecosystems around it. There the 7th grade team observed the the water quality of the Portage River. The 7th grade team used chemical, physical, and biological indicators to observe the quality of the Portage River. The 7th graders took a nature hike and observed the nature around the Portage River. There, a nature expert talked about invasive species, seed distribution, and plants. When

  • Portage Creek Disaster

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    There are over 1,000 chemical spills in the United States each year. In Pennsylvania nearly a decade ago, a spill into Portage Creek was so toxic that desperate trout were seen trying to leap clear of the water; 100 percent of them died in the first few miles of the spill. In Montana, biologists are still trying to understand a 50,000 gallon spill of crude oil into the legendary

  • Portage High School: Case Study

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    I believe Mrs. Kvalo has done a magnificent job as the principal of Portage High School. Mrs. Kvalo balances the complexities of the job with great easy and does so with the assistance of a strong support staff. She is always positive or upbeat in her interactions with others and never has a negative thing to say publicly about our school or community. Additionally, Mrs. Kvalo is a highly visible leader and her presence at all school events is important to students and staff. The principal is

  • Case Study Of John Doe's Portage Trail Community School

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    The client, John Doe, given the organization attends Portage Trail Community School, and as is applicable is eleven years old and he faces the personal issue of a physical disability in cerebral palsy, among other developmental disabilities. If one were to identify the life stage solely based on age, which was the first place of reference when concluding on the life stage, the client falls under the “school age” stage of Erik Erikson’s stages (textbook). However, in reading more, one can further

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Portage Lake Bible Camp

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    Emma Chester, my camp counselor, is a hero. I was going to Portage Lake Bible Camp for the first time with my new church. I’d heard about this camp. It sounded fun. What could go wrong? Lots of things. I grabbed my bags, hugged my parents goodbye, and left. About four hours later, we arrived. I was told my cabin and counselor after entering. I had Cabin 6AB, and Emma, a bright, smiling young woman. I found my group, and they told me about her. She appeared while we made our beds, smiling brightly

  • The Hidden Treasure Of History

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    where I thought my small hometown of Portage, Pa was nothing more than a few streets that consisted of churches, small town businesses, and homes that housed only about 2,500 people. After many hours of research I have come to find that this small town is actually a hidden treasure of history that is far too fascinating to express. Although the town of Portage, Pa is only 125 years old, it is full of rich history that has shaped the Portage we all know today. Portage would not be the town it is today

  • Dpmg Swot Analysis

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    Situational Analysis The City of Winnipeg is strongly considering re-opening Portage and Main to pedestrians after over 37 years. The Downtown Biz, downtown property owners, and the city’s mayor, Brian Bowman, are all strong supporters of the proposal. However, the issue is divisive, as many citizens are concerned about safety and the cost of re-opening the intersection, which will need a lot of work in order to be useable for pedestrians. A local group concerned about traffic safety in Winnipeg

  • Gordon House Blackstone House

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    via an unusual portage from Seguin House in Parry

  • Essay about Tashtego

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    CASE STUDY Tashtego Advanced Topics in Management Accounting and Control The purpose of this paper is to analyze the economic situation of the company Macedonian Shipping and give a recommendation whether the company should use the motor vessel Tashtego as a freight tender beween Dar-es-Salaam and Zanzibar in East Africa or as a tapioca ship between Balik Papan and Singapore in the East Indies. Fundamental to all these considerations are measurement issues. Financial measures, in particular

  • Variable Cost and Large Vessel

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    | Trip costs | | |   | Portage dues/ton/day in port | 0,14 | 0,20 |   | Portage dues | 1.575,00 | 900,00 | 2.475,00 | Lighthouse | 73,00 | 126,00 | 199,00 | Special Assessment | 0,00 | 0,00 | 0,00 | | 1.648,00 | 1.026,00 | 2.674,00 | fuel costs/mile | | | 0,73 | Seamiles for round trip | | | 960,00 | fuel costs | | | 700,80 | | | | | Incremental trip costs Tashtego | | | 3.374,80 | LARGE VESSEL | | | | | BP-SP Tapioca | SP-BP goods | Roundtrip | Trip costs | | |   | Portage dues/ton/day in port |