The President Of The United States

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The president is the most important job in the United States. Not the ruler of the United States ,but have some power over the country. The president of the United States is a person who symbolize the country and leads the country by making decisions of what is the best thing to do. The president needs to know about the past history such as the conflict of World War I and II and different events that led to violence in our own country. The president of the United States needs to know how the system of the government works and different problems that have been happening right now such as immigration, terrorism and hunger. The president needs to have the people votes so that he or she could be able to have the position of being the president …show more content…

The idea of president of the United States began after the revolutionary war. People from all over Europe started coming to the new world known as for today the United States of America. People from Spain, France and England came to the new world to find gold and new places to live. Centuries past by, and people who lived in the new world have been making lots of progress. In the 17th century, people in England started collecting more money from the new world. People from the new world rebelled against people from England. People from the new world had great leaders and good generals with no training such as George Washington. After the war is over, the colonist had to think who would be their new leader. People thought they should make George Washington as their new leader because he lead everyone to battle. George Washington accepted the offer and he added that there will be no kings but leaders with temporary power. That how the idea of president in the U.S started. Becoming a president makes you have pride because the president will have dominance over the country mostly because with only one person ruling the country, it could lead into disaster. Now there is a system that three different groups that contains equal amount of power that could have the right to stop each other from doing what wrong. Anyways, If you become president, you will be remembered depending if people in the U.S like you, but their is a list that

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