Quantum theory

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  • The Theory Of Quantum Mechanics

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    Our current inability to find a unified theory for explaining all types of forces in the Universe has incited us to revise our understanding of the present theories. Out of the four fundamental forces Nuclear,Electromagnetic,Weak, Gravitational first three are modelled as discrete quantum field while last one as continuous classical field. As one can 't consistently couple a classical system to quantum one this leads to the need of quantum mechanical description of the gravity. But there are still

  • The Theory Of The Quantum Computation Model

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    that factoring large numbers takes incredible amounts of time even the most sophisticated classical factoring algorithms take unrealistic amounts to factor large numbers such as the ones used in RSA cryptography. The theory of the quantum computation model takes advantage of quantum mechanics to solve problems that normal computers cannot solve and solve problems much faster in reasonable amounts of time.

  • Quantum Chromodynamics : The Theory Of The Strong Reaction Force

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    The theory of the strong interaction force -- Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) -- predicts that at sufficient high temperature and/or baryon density, nuclear matter undergoes a phase transition from hadrons to a new state of the deconfined quarks and gluons: the quark gluon plasma (QGP)~\cite{Bjorken:1982qr}. Over the past two decades, ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collision experiments at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have been searching and exploring

  • The Theory Of Classical And Quantum Mechanics

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    barrier viz., the fact that the underlying dynamical laws of fundamental physical theory do not privilege the past or the future. If those laws permit certain physical processes to be future directed or oriented, then they also allow for those self-same processes to be past directed or oriented. The dynamical laws are time-reversal invariant. As Roger Penrose stated, …the dynamical equations of classical and quantum mechanics are symmetrical under a reversal of the direction of time! As far as mathematics

  • Quantum Leadership Vs. Leader Member Exchange Theory

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    Quantum Leadership vs. Leader-Member Exchange Theory Leadership is the ability to guide and inspire others to create a positive vision in prospects of enhancing an organization. Most leadership styles seek to understand the needs of followers and to motivate them to succeed. The evaluation of different leadership theories provides adequate insight into what makes a leader successful, so it’s important to analyze the traditional and new age leadership styles prior to application. Within the subsequent

  • Physics And Physics Of Molecular Levels

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    even only considering Newtonian effects, mathematics was not that powerful, which could not derive a precise solution for a three-body problem. Now we needed to consider interaction within a molecule, which had three bodies at least, in terms of quantum and relativistic laws. Facing the fascinating, but, daunting goal, I would have to take

  • Pauli Exclusion Principle

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    theoretical physicist famous for his work on the spin and quantum theory, and for the beneficial finding of the Pauli exclusion principle. Pauli was born on April 25th, 1900 and died on December 15th, 1958. He was a Foreign Member of the Royal Society of London and a member of the Swiss Physical Society, the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Pauli helped to set in place the basis of the atomic theory. His suggestion of the hypothesis explaining the

  • Paul A.M Dirac's Work in Physics

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    Paul.A.M. Dirac started the quantum theory of magnetic charge in a paper published in 1931. In addition, Dirac also showed that if any magnetic monopoles did exist in the universe, then all the electric charge in the universe had to be quantized. Dirac, in his hypothesis, also explains that an enormous amount of energy is required to produce a (magnetic) monopole particle, hence the reason they have not been observed in nature so far. Dirac was the first to explicitly develop a hypothesis to predict

  • Department Of Computer Science : Project Supervisor

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    Department of Computer Science CO7201-Msc Individual Project Project Supervisor: Dr Michael Hoffman Second Marker: Dr Stuart Kerrigan WORD COUNT: 3008   1 Table of Contents 2 DECLARATION 3 3 INTRODUCTION 4 4 PROJECT AIM 5 5 BACKGROUND 5 6 MOTIVATION 5 6.1 Advantages of Multiplayer Game 6 6.2 Existing Application 6 6.3 New Application 7 7 OBJECTIVES 7 8 CHALLENGES 7 9 REQUIREMENTS 8 10 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION 8 10.1 For Development 8 10.2 For Application 9 11 TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS 9 12 BACKGROUND

  • Stephen Hawking

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    cosmic entities known as black holes, and has extended to specialized areas such as quantum gravity, particle physics, and supersymmetry. A field of study that Stephen Hawking is known for is cosmology. Cosmology is the metaphysical study of the origin and nature of the universe. A brief synopsis