Refreshable Braille display

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  • The Heroic Characteristics Of Louis Braille And Juan Pablo Bonet

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    Some of the heroic traits that Louis Braille possessed were that he was determined. Moreover, he kept on working on the Braille system for three years so that shows how devoted he was and determined to find a solution for the blind people and to help them educate themselves and live a better life. Another heroic trait of Louis Braille would be that he was dedicated. Braille taught for twenty-three years at the Royal Institute for Blind Youth and he didn’t

  • Technology Performance : Utilization Model

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    Two models are connected to the technology performance. Utilization model is the most common model that is connected to the users’ attitudes, beliefs and also behaviors (Lin, 2012). The model shows that increased utilization leads to the positive performance impacts (Lin, 2012). The task-technology fit is the second model that indicates performance increases when the technology initiated features and support tends to fit the requirements of the tasks (Lin, 2012; Safar, 2008). In most cases, the performance

  • Braille : The World Of The Blind

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    Braille: Imagine if you couldn 't see anything. You are seized by darkness and enclosed by a constant perception to look. You are blind as a bat and the colors you see in this world are only the ones you have imagined. The world would be a very contrasting place. Powerless to read a thrilling book and incompetent to do the most delighted hobbies. Unable to understand the appearance of your self and others, where everything you see is what your wild imagine has led you to believe. This is the world

  • Helpful Hardware for the Physically Challenged Essay

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    Helpful Hardware for the Physically Challenged A topic that may not be thought of very often is computer hardware that will assist a physically handicapped person use a computer. Though it may seem that a person with limited use of their body could not use a computer, but the truth is that there are many companies that offer a number of products to assist the physically handicap. These companies understand that people with physical challenges may need or want to use computer. The two major

  • Assistive Technology for Computing Essay

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    are currently products out which can help PWD's use their computers. Products Available Today When looking at assistive technology, there are four different categories for usage by people with different disabilities: Screen readers, Refreshable Braille Displays, Screen Magnifiers, and Voice Recognition Applications. (Hyatt, 5) There is currently a myriad of different products available to satisfy each of these categories. Also, there are a few different products for people with other types of

  • Employment Laws: HRM Strategy

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    Employment Laws: HRM Strategy Objective The objective of this study is to research the employment laws in the state of Georgia and review the various designations of employment laws that are listed. The employment laws of the state of Georgia will then be applied to the HRM strategy relating to the introduction of new technology for employees who may experience physical limitations. The scenario chosen is one in which the employee does not have good vision. Introduction The State of Georgia