Rehabilitation engineering

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  • The Causes And Effects Of Recidivism

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    so many studies on recidivism and rehabilitation, and so few that were considered successful, there were aspects that made many skeptical of why these programs simply did not work. Different researchers conducted different types of research and came up with different results. Of the 231 studies that were finalized after making it through the rigorous elimination process, some researchers seen the net-widening process as the beginning of the entombed rehabilitation and recidivism. Researchers did not

  • Summary OfBring Back Flogging By Jeff Jacoby

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    Flogging in Modern Society In “Bring Back Flogging,” Jeff Jacoby made unique, interesting arguments about the ways to punish criminals. Jacoby describes how the Puritans punished criminals in demeaning manners, which was quite interesting to me since I do not know much about Puritans. I could see that their punishment by opening criminals to public could force criminals to be humiliated and be done instantly. However, I do not see any reasoning, which should explain the reason why the Puritan ways

  • The Pros And Cons Of Fitness Care Reform

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    programmed to move through the busy halls of a health center. RESNA was started in August 1979 at an assembly of the Inter-business enterprise convention on Rehabilitation Engineering when individuals Douglas Hobson, Colin McLaurin, James Reswick, Anthony Staros, and Joseph Traub offered a decision to form the "Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North the us." Jim Reswick became elected as first president and Jan Little as secretary. "Seed cash" of $1,000 become furnished via a gift from Robert

  • The Theory Of Rehabilitating Fender Shifted Into Focus More

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    As the range of fields that study crime grew, the theory of rehabilitating the offender shifted into focus more prevalently. The aim of the theory of rehabilitation is to reform the offender, that is to say, rid them of their criminal ways. Cohen sees this task to be outside the capabilities of the justice system. The myriad of components that lead an individual to crime whether they are economic, psychological or otherwise, is too complex for the justice system to be able to grok fully. Cohen

  • Advantages Of Private Prisons

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    Almost all federal prisons have drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation programs, “more than a fourth of all private prisons do not provide inmates with alcohol and drug dependency, counseling, and awareness programs” (Rees-Jones 2). Accordingly, there is excessive space for corruption driven by profit, risking the

  • The Repeat Offenders Project

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    The Repeat Offenders project is one that presents some concepts as pertains repeat offending. This project, as earlier defined, was created with an aim of reducing the rates of recidivism. In it, unique mechanisms of dealing with this problem have been presented through some of the mechanisms presented already been implemented either fully or partially in different nations. Despite the similarities that may exist between the concepts presented in this project with those implemented in other nations

  • Clinical Experience Essay

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    Clinical Experience: Effectiveness of the DWI Education Program The article I chose fits with my clinical experience because it discusses the effectiveness of several interventions, including the implementation of ignition interlock devices and educational classes. I attended three classes at DUI School, so it was essential for me to find an article that examines an educational approach to help those who have been convicted of driving while intoxicated. Since some of the students who took classes

  • Department Of Youth Rehabilitation Services

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    The Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services is what we decided to do our project on. It appeals to us because we can easily see ourselves working with this organization at various points in our careers. To begin with we wanted to give a description of the history of the organization as well as its purpose as an overview to understand its uses. The Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services has a relatively short history but it is a very impactful one. The department is headed by Clinton Lacey

  • The Pros And Cons Of Motivational Interviewing

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    or personal experiences to relate and motivate those on probation. The biggest step in this is education first on what needs to be hashed out. Second is what positive steps the individual should take or the officer willing to point out in the rehabilitation process. Most importantly honesty is a must. And open door can never close and motivation cannot be forced. Through education and field work this form or communication can be utilized and thrive in a society. According to scholars

  • Occupational Therapy Analysis

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    The lack of technology in the past has left multiple stroke patients struggling with physical and mental impairments. However, due to the constant change and improvements made to technology, patients are now getting more help with their physical and mental needs. Nowadays, the odds of a patient gaining full function and ability back after a traumatic brain injury are much more favorable than not. Advanced technology such as robotic gloves, interactive video games, and electrical stimulators are effective