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  • Number Fourteen: Rehydration Is Key

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    soon! Number Fifteen: It Eliminates Germs Although diarrhea is something that no one likes to experience, it can actually be a great thing for the body. Its number one priority is to make sure your body is eliminated of germs. Number Fourteen: Rehydration is Key Many people go out of their way to avoid diarrhea, but is actually more crucial that an individual rehydrates themselves after the fact. It's important to drink at least as much liquid as was lost during the event. Salt and sugar may also

  • Fast And Normal Intravenous And Of Paediatric Gastroenteritis

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    A Quantitative research in this article is showing the study of fast and normal intravenous rehydration in paediatric gastroenteritis which agrees with the text. The aim of the article is to discover whether fast or rapid intravenous rehydration outcome improves in hydration with medical conclusions when been given to children with gastroenteritis. The article has its aim as stated including hypothesis, research approach and sample including instruments with findings. Structuring the study The motivation

  • Most Likely Diagnosis Essay

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    Most Likely Diagnosis The first most likely diagnosis would be acute gastroenteritis. According to Aftab and Churgay (2012), the patient has acute gastroenteritis is “often defined as the onset of diarrhea in the absence of chronic disease, with or without abdominal pain, fever, nausea, or vomiting”. This 18-month year old patient has had 6 episodes of diarrhea and 4 episodes of vomiting per day that occurred for two days. The patient also has no history of having a chronic disease. Confirm Diagnosis

  • Preoperative Management Comprehensive rehydration preoperatively is needed in hypercalcemic

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    Preoperative Management Comprehensive rehydration preoperatively is needed in hypercalcemic patients, in fact; some patients need urinary catheterization and central venous pressure monitoring. After rehydration, to decrease renal calcium reabsorption and promote urinary excretion, loop diuretics can be used. Calcitonin in the dose of 200 IU every 8 hours might be helpful in decreasing albumin-adjusted calcium. Bisphosphonates, corticosteroids, calcium chelators, or dialysis are occasionally indicated

  • Symptoms And Symptoms Of Viral Gastroenteritis

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    Assessment E.L. is a 36 year old female who has presented with a chief complaint of vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping and sharp adnominal pain rated 7/10. The patient is a geriatric nurse and states that she was in close contact with patients who had similar symptoms. The patient denies taking any medication, denies allergies, reports childhood illnesses gastrointestinal amoebas, and is up to date with vaccinations. Family history indicates that the patient is at increased risk for developing

  • Gastroenteritis : Causes And Effects

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    Gastroenteritis is a disease that contributes to morbidity and mortality in large numbers worldwide, and is a major cause of hospitalization. Every year 10.5 million children die of Gastroenteritis before reaching the age of five (Ciccarelli, Stolfi, & Caramia, 2013). Gastroenteritis can be caused due to many different agents, such as different bacteria, viruses and parasites. However, the primary cause of gastroenteritis in children is due to Rotavirus (Parashar, Nelson, & Kang, 2013), accounting

  • Pepsico 's Gatorade Brand And Its Impact On The World 's Premier Consumer Products

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    Introduction Gatorade is a PepsiCo owned company that manufactures many sports-themed beverages as well as food products. The Gatorade beverages are based on the oral rehydration therapy, which involves drinking sugar and salt mixed water for the purpose of rehydrating. The Gatorade brand uses carbohydrates and electrolytes to replenish athletes after rigorous physical activity (Gatorade, 2014). Gatorade sweetens their drinks using a mixture of sucrose-dextrose, which reduces the calorie count of

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Infectious Gastroenteritis

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    loose stools are observed. In the third stage, intestinal hemorrhage, encephalitis, cyclic fevers are prevalent. In the last stage, the fever starts to subside. Diagnosis is made through stool culture and the patient is treated through oral rehydration therapy. Antibiotics like ceftriaxone or ciprofloxacin can also be given. Camplylobacter is another bacterial cause of gastroenteritis. It is commonly associated with the consumption of contaminated poultry dish. Patients get diarrhea (loose

  • Diarrhoea Research Paper

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    Diarrhoea Diarrhoea is a killer disease is young children. One in four deaths in children under the age of 5 is estimated to be due to diarrhoea. It is the passage of loose, liquid or watery stool. In many regions, diarrhoea is defined as passage of three or more loose or watery stool, in 1980 in the developing countries, an estimated 5 million children under 5 years of age-about 10 every minute-died as a consequence of diarrhoea! disease. These deaths were an outcome of the some 1000 million episodes

  • Development And Development: What Is Early Child Development?

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    ¬ What is Early Child Development? ¬ ¬ Early childhood is the most rapid period of development in a human life. Although individual children develop at their own pace, all children progress through an identifiable sequence of physical, cognitive, and emotional growth and change. The Early Child Development (ECD) approach is based on the proven fact that young children respond best when caregivers use specific techniques designed to encourage and stimulate progress to the next level of