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  • Rodinia

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    the Neoproterozoic supercontinent, in any case, did not give it a name. Rodinia was the first one give a name a transient system (Neoproterozoic) what's more, remaking for the supercontinent were McMenamin furthermore, McMenamin (1990; Fig. 3). The remaking given by McMenamin and McMenamin (1990) depended on prior reproductions of McMenamin (1982), Piper (1987), Donovan (1987) and Sears what's more, Price (1978). The name Rodinia is determined from the Russian infinitive "rodit" that signifies 'to bring

  • What Are The Major Global Events Occurred During The Proterozoic?

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    1. a) What are the major global events that occurred in the Proterozoic? (3) Three global events occurred during the Proterozoic: The oxygen revolution: During the Proterozoic, biotic system were being established, which gave rise to biomass of the prokaryotic organisms like the “benthic and planktonic photosynthesizing organisms” Due to the vast developing diversity of environment, organisms could well adapt to these various environments, which increased the input of oxygen on Earth. Hence

  • The Effect Of Detrital Zircon Dating On South Australia

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    Introduction With the use of detrital zircon dating, and minor use of authigenic monazite dating, estimations of age constraints can be applied to the Proterozoic basins on the south Australian island, Tasmania. Zircon minerals occur as a trace component in many sedimentary rocks. Therefore due to its widespread occurrence and its relative resistance to both mechanical and chemical weathering, which enhances its chance of survival through processes of transportation, dating methods through zircon

  • Precambrian Time

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    which eventually filled the atmosphere. As iron left the oceans and clouds rapidly the oceans and sky turned blue. The supercontinent Rodinia forms and is a desolate, lifeless, and barren continent. Snowball Earth a sheet of ice 1 mile thick covering the Earth is formed. cause is Rodinia blocked ocean currents Almost all life died. Vast volcanic eruptions split Rodinia apart, melted snowball earth, and put CO2 in the air causing the greenhouse effect. cambrian 544-505 million years ago when cambrian

  • Major Geological Events

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    Rodinia broke apart forming smaller continents. Gondwana was pushed farther south. The continent of Laurasia formed. It was made up of present day Siberia, Europe, and North America.Finally all of the continents joined together to create Pangea. Major

  • Shenandoah National Park And Florida Geologic Setting

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    Rodinia started to rift around 750 to 600 million years ago and the Iapetus Ocean opening up as seen in Figure 1, the Swift Run Formation with Grenville, volcanic debris and ash material produced the Catoctin Formation that contains flood basalts supporting Shenandoah. With modern day East Africa rift and Red Sea curst stretched, this allowed flood basalts and rhyolite seep through the ocean floor and eventually made its way to the surface. Florida didn’t really start until Rodinia started

  • North America Continents Research Paper

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    When you hear the word continent, what breezes in your mind? North America, South America? Have you ever pondered over the thought that was these continents always the same? What made these continents form? What did it look like years ago? By digging into the history of continents, we might be able to answer these questions of what made these continents shape up the way we see them now and how they looked like years ago. Let us start with the simple definition of continent. By definition, a continent

  • Similarities Between Creationism And Evolutionism

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    The Biased Side of Science: Creationism vs. Evolutionism Science is the process of perceiving the natural world around us and drawing conclusions from our observations through the scientific method. These conclusions can develop into solid facts such as the laws of quantum physics and thermodynamics. Cosmologists work in a branch of the scientific field called “cosmology”, which is the study of the universe and how it began. Once one approaches the concept of cosmology, the science becomes split

  • Essay about The Cambrian Explosion: Proof of ID?

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    The Cambrian Explosion: Proof of ID? In our studies of Intelligent Design (ID) theory and Creation Science, I found little information that seriously challenged the theory of evolution. However, there was one event that appeared to defy the logic of Darwinian gradualism: the Cambrian Explosion. This event was presented by ID theorists as proof of design--something which science is unable to account for. Unfortunately for ID proponents, this is not the case. There

  • The Quaternary Period and Other Periods

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    Cambrian: • This period started 540 million years ago and ended 500 million years ago. • There was a very mild climate. The supercontinent Rodinia began to break into smaller parts, or continents. Lots of glaciation occurred so many animal families went extinct. • All phyla develop during this time period. Many marine animals, shell-fish, echinoderms, and some of the earliest fish appear. • Lots of glaciation occurred wiping out many animal families marking the end of the Cambrian period.