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  • Sissela Bok

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    Sissela Bok opens a controversial topic on violence as entertainment which explores the effect of the increasing of violence both in fiction and in real life. Not only do films, television shows, and video games evidence an escalating level of graphic violence, but daily news of war and other human brutality are as bad as well. As less time pass on doing physical activities and an increase in using electronic devices as increases, particularly by teens, there is growing concern about a possible link

  • Youth Violence Essay

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    because there is no right answer yet and nobody can be sure that they know the cause. All we have to go by are the opinions of different people.      The most popular cause of the problem of youth violence is the media. In “The Erosion of Empathy,” Sissela

  • Conflicted About Lying

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    Imagine coming home after a day with your friends at the mall. When your parents ask you where you where, you tell them that you were working on a school project with your friends. What did you do when you told them you were working on a project? You were lying. Lying is something everyone has done in their life. So what exactly is lying? The definition of lying is an intentionally false statement. Even keeping silent if you know something is a lie, just a different type of lie than saying something

  • Ethical Whistleblowing

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    one may argue that whistleblowing may violate individual rights as employee’s signed a contract abiding by company’s standard. In an article called “Whistleblowing and Professional Responsibilities” by Sissela Bok, she emphasizes “employees have a loyalty oath of confidentiality and secrecy” (Bok 178) which may violate human rights as well. Individuals often view that they often have the right to privacy. However, whistleblowing to the company can create a breach in loyalty. Similar to a friend posting

  • Dichotomy Of Happiness Essay

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    I. Introduction: a. Main Topic: The dichotomy of happiness; two different feelings and their impacts; How to achieve happiness each type of happiness. b. Intro Paragraph: Happiness can be best described as the end goal of life. If a person is living a life void of happiness, they are often times seen as worse off, and most likely are. One who lives their life in search of amassing happiness may be doing it for their own happiness, or for the betterment of someone else; either way someone is living

  • Sissela Bok Lying Ethical

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    Introduction: Sissela Bok’s Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life focuses around the ethical implications around lying and examines situations when it is appropriate or inappropriate to lie. Bok’s philosophy is unique among many philosophers in that she takes an approach that recognizes that people will lie and that there are certain situations in which lying may be warranted or acceptable depending on the situation at hand and who is responsible for lying. I believe that this is a more

  • The Battle Of The Confederate Flags

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    campus until President Bok 's speech on March 12. Derek Bok, he was the president of Harvard University, he implied that he is not the supporter for both sides. When he stood up for the justice and solved the disagreements that have risen up within the Harvard community, he appeared to imply carefully and rethink as a highly educated lawyer. His ideas and suggestions for resolving the problem, unlike the other universities and colleges, they were peaceful and properly conducted. Bok comments that when

  • College Student Censorship Research

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    In the United States we pride ourselves on being a free country and having our rights and privileges but are our universities slowly taking away our rights as citizens to have freedom of speech? Speech is an important way of expressing ourselves and our opinions through verbal communication. Now in our bill of rights speech is defined as many different forms of communication such as music, poetry, television, and even clothing. College student are usually some of the strongest users of freedom of

  • Mgt 585 Sqm Implementation Essay

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    summary of “early wins” for the unit, and a list of challenges its leaders will face over the next few years. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, Volume 18, Number 7, 2012 Page 24 INTRODUCTION Steve Bradshaw, Senior EVP of BOK Financial Corporation, was concerned about the performance of the CRA Department, which had recently been assigned to him. The department was named after the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), a federal regulation that encouraged banks to promote

  • Why Is It Okay To Lie

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    lose other people's´ trust. According to Randy Cohen ,a ethics columnist, every lie has a cost and one big cost is you lose other people´s trust (NBCNEWS,2006). In the 1800’s being called a liar can cause the individual to lose their dignity (Sissela Bok). Another point that lying is unnecessary is because it is slowly hurting