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  • Application And Specification Of A Computer Network

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    On December 6, 1967, the Department of Defense awarded a contract with the purpose of the “design and specification of a computer network”. Four months later, the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPANET) was created. By October 15, 1969, computers at the University of California-Los Angeles and Stanford were connected and communicating (Internet History from ARAPNET to Broadband, 2007) . Thus was the birth of the internet. Now, the internet is an indispensable tool that provides us with an active

  • A Short Note On Platform Smart Home Management Mobile Application

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    collaboration with wearable devices and smart phones. The application allows you to control and monitor home appliances irrespective of your location. For example, switching on the air conditioner for a cooler environment before arrival or command robot vacuum cleaner to tidy up the house while away. The high rated customizable HSmart system allows complete user access control of home appliances via controller and a communication technology. a. Product overview HSmart provides a system that fully integrated

  • Abstract—The Internet Of Things Is The Interconnection

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    devices increases widely when compared to the present Laptop, smartphone and tablets growth. By 2018, half of the IOT devices will be in Business devices. In future the areas where the devices increases are Automobile, Health, Drones, Robots, Home appliances and many more in future. Some of the Latest invented IOT devices are, Hapifork, My Vessyl Cup, Smart Tooth Brush, Smart Egg Tray, Smart Propane Tank, and Glucose monitoring meter, Smart washing Machine, Hydroponic System, Smart Sprinkler Control

  • How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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    ancestors could not do or live. Today, we can find a smart phone or a tablet at almost any household and company. Although they are considered small devices, smart phones and tablets contain many features that enable people to multitask and exchange information and data. People heavily rely on these devices to store their important data and perform their jobs and conduct businesses. Knowledge is power, and in order for people to work efficiently and happily, they need quality data to know more about themselves

  • Social And Educational Environments : How It Fits

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    Abstract Within this Briefing Paper, the topic of Bring Your Own Device, in short “BYOD”, will be explored in regards to how it fits in to current day corporate and educational environments, and why it will be a primary focus in future IT strategies. The importance of it will be signified and why it is a major advantage for IT departments and users, and the policies governing BYOD and why they need to exist for an IT department to effectively support users and their devices. Benefits of cost reduction

  • Designing Ecommerce For The Mobile Customer

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    How Important It Is to Design eCommerce for the Mobile Customer How Important It Is to Design eCommerce for the Mobile Customer Customers increasingly access B2B sites through mobile devices, and this trend has skyrocketed in popularity so much since 2010 that most studies find mobile eCommerce has overtaken desktop sales. No B2B decision-maker can afford to ignore mobile users that could make up 50 to percent or more of the platform’s users. Mobile website design is critical to success not only

  • The Difference Between Bisimulation And Forced Simulation

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    Literature Review: The difference between Bisimulation and Forced Simulation Haowei Zheng 1. INTRODUCTION Currently, component reuse techniques have become more and more important for handling the rapidly increasing complexities of component based embedded system. Bisimulation is a well-known technique which has been proposed in the very early stage of simulation development. It provides the functionality of checking for process equivalent in process algebras. Many

  • Analysis Of Isolated Execution Environment

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    This topic deals more about the methods and technologies in tandem for en-hancing overall security of any embedded device . At places one can notice that the topics discussed earlier could have criss-crossed here, but here the same discussion is more looked from the prism of overall security rather than arbitrarily which was the case earlier. 9.1 Isolated Execution Environment Isolating execution also often referred as trusted execution environment (TEE) gives the device and so the service and providers

  • The Installation Guide For Screen The System With No Further Confused Demerit

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    establishment procedure will get the product prepared to screen the system with no further confused hindrances. The Installation guide can be found under Appendices (Paessler Ag; Nearly 95% of Customers Would Recommend PRTG Network Monitor, 2016) (See Appendix A) 8.1 Login In the case of everything works fine, the user won 't see the login screen on the first startup yet the gadget tree promptly. The user just needs to sign in physically in the event that the user switches the program. (See Appendix

  • Use Of Technology And Social Media

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    The use of technology and social media makes our life a lot easier. Social media and technology play a huge role in our everyday life and friendship. In today’s world, people, mostly teenagers use social media and technology every day to communicate and interact with others. Technology gives us an opportunity to connect with anybody we want from anywhere we are, saving us time. According to “Daily News” 84 percent of people worldwide say they couldn’t go a single day without their mobile device in