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  • Hot Lanes Case Study

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    Why HOT Lanes? High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes have been a central part of the commuter strategy for Northern Virginia since the late 1960s and early 1970s. Northern Virginia recognized the need to have dedicated high occupancy vehicle to facilitate the large growth in the region’s population. In 1969 the nation’s first HOV lanes opened up on I-395, initially bus only lanes in an attempt to encourage mass transportation. In the early 1970’s the lanes sat empty most of the time, consequently

  • Ride-Sharing Controversy

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    In recent months, there has been controversy surrounding the fairly new and popular concept of ride sharing companies . Primarily, ride-sharing companies are online-based networks that connect passengers with drivers that use their personal vehicles through a mobile platform. Some of the most popular ride-sharing companies include the well-known Uber, Lyft, and Wingz’s. The packleader of them all, Uber, has recently been challenged by the government, taxi companies, and their own drivers over legal

  • General Strategy For Lyft 's Expansion Into England

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    General Strategy The following is a breakdown of the general strategy for Lyft’s expansion into England. We will review the various aspect of the strategy required to establish and implement the expansion plan. Establishing a well-structured driver network is a key step in Lyft’s strategy to expanding in London market. As drivers facilitate the cash flow of the ridesharing business model: having more qualified drivers in the network will help ensure revenues are maximized and ensure further growth

  • Contemporary Performance Issue Essay

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    A Contemporary Performance Issue      Commuting is a perfect example of a contemporary performance issue, “traffic congestion can steal valuable time from employees’ personal lives” (Wells par. 1). The typical employee is concerned with the time lost in commuting to work and not spent at home with their family. The family could be spouse, children, pets, parents, siblings etc.…If your everyday lifestyle started with the concern and time wasted just for commuting to and from

  • Improving Transportation for Students at UTSA

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    In college, attendance is crucial to students’ success. Being late to class can result in having less time to take a test or missing fundamental concepts that may be discussed in a classroom. Students must take responsibility by arriving on time; however, limited parking spaces and other transportation problems at many universities can cause students to be late which can result in poor academic performance. The University of Texas at San Antonio, one of most populous cities in Texas, has 29,000 enrolled

  • Bus Sharing Services : Cab Sharing Internet Applications Are Efficient And Reduce Traffic

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    ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY IN BUSINESS (BUS587) Cab Sharing Internet Applications are Efficient and Reduce Traffic Shruthi Purushothama Instructor: Douglas McCloskey 09/10/2014 Fontbonne University INTRODUCTION City transportation is an increasing problem. Public transportation is cost effective, but do not provide door-to-door transportation. This makes the far more expensive cabs attractive and scarce. This paper proposes location-based Cab-Sharing services like Uber, Lyft, Ridejoy etc

  • Mickey Mantle Research Paper

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    Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle was one of the best athletes to ever live. He has hit monstrous homeruns and was one of the best power hitter in history. He was one of the best baseball players of all time because he had extremely high slugging and on base percentages, he played multiple sports, and won many awards. He was a very important role in our history. Mickey Mantle was called the greatest power and switch hitter in baseball history. Bill Dickey (who was one of Mickey’s coach) said “he is

  • Anthony Rizzo Essay

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    sixth-round draft choice out of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida in the 2007 Major League Baseball draft by the Red Sox. Rizzo hit 12 home runs in 2009. In 2010, he hit a combined .260 with an on-base percentage of .334 and a slugging percentage of .480 along with 42 doubles, 25 home runs and 100 RBIs between stops at High-A Salem and Double-a Portland. On December 6, 2010, Rizzo was traded to the Padres. Rizzo was considered the third best prospect and the best power-hitting

  • Essay On Moneyball

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    The novel Moneyball by Michael Lewis is about Billy Beane and his reinvented way of making a winning team. Set in the early 2000’s, Beane uses unique thinking to make the Oakland Athletics a successful team. Back in the 1980’s, Beane was the star of his high school baseball team, and it looked like he was going to be a star. At least that is what the scouts thought. He struggled when he got to the minor leagues, but still made it to the majors. There, he was never a stand out and only played a small

  • Personal Review: The Chicago Cubs

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    The Chicago Cubs have not been 51-30 at the midway point of a season since 1977. If your mind is unable to bring that summer into memory, think of names like Bruce Sutter, Bill Buckner, and Rick Reuschel. The cubbies took off out of the gate that season at full sprint. They led their division by as many as 81/2 games. If hearing those names helped you recall the memorable start to 1977, then you also remember the turmoil which followed. Throughout the last 93 games of the season, the Cubs went 34-59