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  • The Diagnostic Criteria For Smartphone Addiction

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    The diagnostic criteria for smartphone addiction proposed in this study were based on the population with the currently largest sample size and the diagnoses were validated by psychiatric interviews. Our findings indicated that smartphone addiction has overlapping features with substance-related or behavioral addictive disorders, but the unique properties of smartphones, i.e. its excellent accessibility and multiple Internet-based applications, contributed to its unique but prevalent addictive behaviors

  • Smartphone Addiction Literature Review

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    Smartphone Addiction and How it Affects Social Behavior There have been several studies that show how children, high school students, college students, as well as adult’s lives are more susceptible to smartphone addiction. Some studies looked at how the frequent use of social networking apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. game apps, and video apps tended to become a problem (Sook-Jung, Changho, & Cheolhan, 2016). Other studies show that smartphones are becoming a daily necessity for most

  • Computer And Smartphone Addiction ( S ) Are Becoming More And More Prevalent Every Year

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    Computer and smartphone addiction(s) are becoming more and more prevalent every year. From a 1 year old children to grown adult men and women. At first glance, these electronics look harmless. But, if used in excess, someone can easily become addicted and not even know it. Smartphones have social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; that 's only naming a few. Many people around the world habitually use and check on these apps, on an hourly to an everyday basis. Continuously checking

  • Smartphone Addiction

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    being without the smartphone. It is notable that, with the aid of social media, smartphone addiction is now a growing epidemic. Researchers in different countries raise the alarms about the smartphone overuse while diligently working on a multiplicity of approaches for its evaluation. Brenda Piddy has addressed the significance of the epidemic of pocket devices and social media in her article The Growing Problem of Smartphone Addiction. The damaging effects of smartphone addiction are discussed in

  • Smartphone Addiction

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    Is Smartphone Addiction Killing Today's Teens? “The arrival of the smartphones had radically changed every aspect of teenagers’ lives, from the nature of their social interactions to their mental health” (Twenge 60). Smartphones are easy-to-carry mobile devices that almost have the functions of a computer like internet access, video games, social networks, and of course calls and text messages. In 2014 in the USA almost 60% of the population owned a smartphone (Cheever, et al. 291). The percentage

  • Smartphone Addiction

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    Smartphones have become a big part of our lives. People are always using their smartphones for various reasons and the result is a generation that is connected to their phones. The over use of smartphones affects people’s mental health which is described as “A person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.” resulting in depression, anxiety, addiction, lack of sleep, and less motivation. Smartphones are helpful but they have more problems than the help they offer.

  • The Problem Of Smartphone Addiction

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    staring at their smartphone without any conversation. Smartphones of today have so many features that people can hardly seem to look up and keep them for a second. These behavior is more likely to be see as an addiction. Obviously, people have different opinion regarding smartphone addiction where some people think it is a problem whereas some might not. Despite of all the facts and opinion we question ourselves are we even addicted to smartphone? Do we reach for our smartphone first thing in the

  • The New Addiction- Smartphones

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    a new addiction. This new addiction is known as smartphones. Teenagers between 15&17 nowadays are using smartphones without limits. Everywhere you turn you see teens bending down or swiping or clicking their phones screen or sleeping with their smartphones under the pillow. Day after day smartphones are becoming more central to teenagers lives. A smartphone could be well-defines as a portable phone that has additional functions parallel to personal digital assistance devices. Smartphones simplify

  • Smartphones And Teens : The Negative Effects Of Smartphone Addiction

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    majority of citizens today have access to a smartphone, and a large portion of a person’s time is spent on social media, research, and many other tasks. The smartphones we utilize in everyday life offer many benefits, and it is also an activity that the brain enjoys. This is due to dopamine, a chemical that is produced by the brain. This fosters an individual to further indulge in an activity. In extreme cases consequently, this can cause an addiction, which triggers an individual to be incapable

  • Causes And Disadvantages Of Smartphone Addiction

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    INTRODUCTION Smartphones addiction is when you use a smartphone even when you know that you should not use it or when you make excuses for it usefulness. In early times, people made and received phone calls using cellular phones. However, nowadays, cellular phones are often small computers (i.e., smartphones ) as new technology has evolved. For example, people can watch movies and listen to music on one of these devices. Therefore, the global smartphone market grew rapidly in 2010