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  • A Successful Sports League Director

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    There are a number of career opportunities within the world of sports and it is my aspiration to change the world one person at a time. I will continue to assess not only the needs in the organization I am a part of but the current benefits, and recent issues that I have seen especially in the perspective as a league director. In this paper, I will continue to examine my strategic plan to not only become a successful Sports League Director but to also share some improvements I proposed to my director

  • The Professional Sports League Baseball

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    Professor Matheson Economics of Sports October 27, 2014 Moneyball Compared to most other professional sports leagues in the United States, there is a lot of financial disparity between small market and large market teams in Major League Baseball. Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game is a novel about how an unlikely general manager, Billy Beane, used unconventional statistical analysis to enable the Oakland Athletics to outplay much wealthier teams in the league. The problem faced by Beane and

  • The League Baseball Is The Only Major American Sports League

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    It is generally assumed with sports teams that the more you pay, the more you win. Without further insight this sounds like a logical statement. But is it factual. Of the four major American sports leagues all but one have a salary cap. A salary cap is defined as the maximum amount a team can pay in player salaries before they are required to pay a luxury tax. Major League baseball is the only major American sports league to not utilize a salary cap, thus making it an exemplary model to investigate

  • Fantasy Sports And Its Effect On The National Football League

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    fantasy sports into a multi-billion dollar industry has made it an important component of the sports industry, mainly the NFL. All Sports leagues must acknowledge the impact that fantasy sport has on the way its participants consume their sport. This research paper examines the conception of fantasy sports and explains it effects on the National Football league. Consumer involvement with fantasy sports leads to a higher consumption of the NFL products and services. Keywords: Fantasy sports; Consumption;

  • Professional Sport Fans: The National Football League

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    The National Football League is one of the most important professional sport leagues in the country.  Like in many male-dominated fields, football is a game that catered to men mostly.  Consequently, the majority of sports businesses, marketers and advertising campaigns are focused only on male fans.    However recently, women are making its presence known as die-hard fans which makes a huge impact.  With millions of fans nationwide, women make up nearly half the league’s fan base where 45 % who

  • The National Football League Is The Most Popular Sport

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    The National Football League is the most popular sport in America. The NFL is the most lucrative sports business in the world by generating 9 billion dollars a year. For whatever reason peoples eyes are glued to the television every Sunday, whether it be to root on their hometown team or to follow their fantasy football team. The league has been under fire for the safety of the players for a very long time, but more so in the last couple of years. The biggest part of the scrutiny is that repeated

  • Drug Policies of the Four Major Sport Leagues Essay

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    Introduction The four major sport leagues in the United States consist of the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and the National Hockey League (NHL). All of the leagues have some similarities in their implemented drug policies, such as the need for testing athletes. Although the policies have similarities, there are many differences within the leagues, as well. Drug testing in professional sports has increased, due to the rise of players

  • Sports And The National Football League

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    Introduction There are currently four major professional athletic leagues in America: the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the National Hockey League (NHL). When fans watch their home teams play, it brings great pleasure and excitement to those who love sports, especially when their home team wins a game. Even if they do not win, fans will stick by their teams. Local businesses go great lengths to show support for their local

  • Benefits Of Paying College Athletes

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    Paying College Athletes For over a decade, there has been an ongoing debate for and against paying college athletes. Those in favor quickly point out the benefits to players. Those against this practice concentrate on the possible detriment to both the educational and athletic systems currently in place at institutions of higher learning. Merit can be found in both arguments; however, the changes that would be necessary to put the payment practice into place would take years to implement. Many

  • College Football Benefits

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    their team. Information like this would help lower the amount of “duds”, or players that many people anticipate to do good, and play poorly. The elimination of these players would make for a more talented, and more entertaining, professional football league, and improve the level of excellence collegiate athletes would need to keep in order to play in the professional