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  • Fantasy Xv, A Game Composed By Both Tetsuya Nomura And Hajime Tabata

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    A Fantasy Based On Reality Final Fantasy XV, a game composed by both Tetsuya Nomura and Hajime Tabata, composed in the time span of 10 years, finally released on November 29th, 2016. The project, originally titled as Final Fantasy XIII - Versus, initially began development in 2006. It was planned as a spin-off to the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XIII; however, the idea was scrapped, and then picked up and rebranded as it’s own stand-alone title in 2012: Final Fantasy XV. Gameplay releases

  • The Physical And Emotional Development

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    outdoor play area is also paramount to augment the indoor area. The physical and emotional development is no less important as cognitive development. Children enjoy playing outside; therefore, confining a child to a hospital bed for the duration of his or her recovery would stifle the recovery progress and make a traumatic experience an emotional nightmare. A child that is surrounded by medical equipment in his or her hospital room may develop anxiety and fear that can slow recovery (Arkansas Children’s

  • After Work Sampling Was Complete, The Team Collected Data

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    After work sampling was complete, the team collected data to generate spaghetti diagrams. Team members stood in different work areas watching operators perform their jobs. On a current layout drawing, team member drew paths of where operators were traveling too. Each individual operator’s spaghetti diagram can be seen in Appendix 7. Each production area is shown below on Figure 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. These figures do not represent frequency, they only represent path to the destination. As

  • Aluminum Foils

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    Before building the design that is best fit for the presentation, there was many models that had “failed”. To start off with, the first design to successfully float with 50 pennies for 20 seconds was Tyler’s design that was built with two pop cans and two sheets of aluminum paper (one is used to wrap the cans while the other is used to make a “cup” to hold the pennies). However, when the group weighed this in class, it was around 31 grams, which is 4.5 grams overweight (the requirement is 26.5 grams)

  • A New Client For A Cereal Making Company

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    A new client for a cereal making company has asked us to help promote their cereal as “healthy”. This new cereal is called *name here*, and it is our job to determine the correlation between calories and potassium in order to make the new cereal “healthier” by lowering the calories but increasing potassium. We have researched the interrelationship between calories and potassium and this paper is a product of our analysis. We have compared data between the top fifteen cereals and have found that calories

  • Essay about Chapter 2 Hw

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    12% Beta of 1- required return= 5%+ 7%*1= 12% Beta of 1.7- required return= 5%+ 7%*1.7 = 16.9% = P1r1+P2r2+P3r3+ etc. = (0.1)(-50%) + (0.2)(-5%) + (0.4)(16%) + (0.2)(25%) + (0.1)(60%) = 11.40% σ2=( r1- )2*P1+( r2- )2*P2+( r3- )2*P3+ etc then square rooted (-50% - 11.40%)2(0.1) + (-5% - 11.40%)2(0.2) + (16% - 11.40%)2(0.4) + (25% - 11.40%)2(0.2)

  • Mathematical Modeling Of A Functional Building

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    Mathematical Modeling of a Functional Building Reminder Abstract should be able to be taken out of the paper and the rest of the paper still makes sense. Throughout architecture there is a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics. However a rule of thumb to follow is “form follows function”. Therefore for the purpose of our designed office block, we decided to allow form to follow function for majority of our decisions, but we also kept the aesthetics in our modeling conscious. Abstract

  • Diffusion Investigation

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    Data Analysis: With this experiment, the affect of surface area to volume ratio on the rate of diffusion is investigated. Four agars containing phenolphthalein, an indicator that turns colorless in acid, each ranging in size were used. In this experiment, the agar cubes represent cells and the time it took for cubes to turn colorless shows the rate of diffusion. Next, the cubes were placed in a beaker and just enough hydrochloric acid was added to cover them. Then, the time it took them to turn

  • The Kolb Experiential Learning Theory (1984) Drives A Large

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    The Kolb Experiential Learning theory (1984) drives a large component of my instructional plans. According to Kolb (1984), a person learns through experience and discovery. This theory is built around a learning cycle that involves 4 principles: 1) concrete experience, 2) reflective experience, 3) abstract conceptualization, and 4) active experimentation. Educators initially provide learners with opportunities to use concrete resources in learning about new concepts. Students then review their learning

  • Math Certification Assignment . Overview. You Will Submit

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    Math Certification Assignment Overview You will submit a three week math unit plan and supporting assessments. Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice setting short term instructional goals using the principle of Backward Design, in order to sequence daily learning experiences that support students understanding of key mathematical concepts. Related NAEYC Professional Preparation Standards NAEYC Standard 5. Using Content Knowledge to Build Meaningful Curriculum Students