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  • Informational Case Study

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    In this assignment I will evaluate the informational approach in measuring organizational effectiveness of a company from the United Kingdom. The Company is called, The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen. The patients receiving the questionnaire would be for checking for knee joint pain after surgery. Patients not receiving this survey would be having other services offered such as renal, x-ray, etc. The primary reason for this survey is to let the treating

  • The Floppy Drive in a Musical Context Essay

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    1.1 Mechanism of a “musical” floppy drive The floppy drive itself is musical in a certain way depending on what people may perceive as musical such as the sound of friction. In my project, the floppy drive makes sounds through pitched notes due to friction between the read-write head and the diskette. It produces notes since the diskette has contact friction with read write head, in revolution. Recall that sine waves can be viewed as the progression of a circle over time, or a revolution. Spinning

  • The poem, God’s Grandeur by Gerard Manley Hopkins is an Italian Sonnet

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    The poem, God’s Grandeur by Gerard Manley Hopkins is an Italian sonnet, which closely follows the traditional Italian rhyme of ABBAABBA, and then CDCDCD. (Shmoop) There are also several words throughout the poem that rhyme within themselves. For example God, rod, trod, shod all rhyme. Gerard Hopkins liked to use sprung rhythm in which the stressed and unstressed syllables have a complicated relationship, and the message desired from the reader can change the rhythm. (Shmoop) Sprung rhythm allows

  • Should Sports Gambling Be Legal?

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    INTRODUCTION Local legal casino gambling has gained popularity in the United States after a long history of prohibition in many parts of the country. Casino gambling was outlawed in the early 1900’s before being legalized in Nevada and the city of Las Vegas in 1931. In 1978, gambling was legalized in Atlantic City, New Jersey ( Las Vegas continues to dominate as the number one casino destination. Atlantic City and New Jersey have taken a hit as completion in surrounding states

  • The Design and Architecture of Sacred Sites

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    to facilitate rituals and reflect a persons experience and closeness with the divine as they partake in the sacred rituals of their religion. Methods of research (primary/secondary sources): On the 27th March 2014, St Augustine’s visited St Stephens Cathedral and the Brisbane City Synagogue. Primary evidence was collected from both these sacred sites through the tour guides that gave the students knowledge and understanding about

  • Have You Ever Had A Dream? Dr.

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    Have you ever had a dream? Dr. May Jemison as a young African-American girl dreamed of becoming a scientist. Growing up during the uproar of the civil rights movement being a black scientist was unusual. May Jemison was born in Decatur, Alabama went October 17, 1956 but moved to Chicago at three years old and was raised her young years. Mae Jemison from this day forward calls Chicago her hometown. Mae Jemison and her family moved to Chicago in order to better their lives and education. Mae Jemison

  • The City Of The United States

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    the lands. They have a population of over five million people and land approximately seventy thousand square miles across. The Show Me State is also known for their Gateway Arch that draws several tourists and residents all year long. The Arch in St. Louis is the country’s tallest manmade monument. It was built at an incredible 630 feet when completed in 1965. The Gateway Arch is to commemorate the importance of settling in the West following the Louisiana Purchase. A watershed event in American

  • Landfill Fire Threatens Nuclear Waste Site Outside St. Louis

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    Later the EPA admitted that people who work at the West Lake Landfill have to be cautious and careful to protect their health. According to Veronica LaCapra’s report, "Landfill Fire Threatens Nuclear Waste Site Outside St. Louis." if the Westlake Landfill’s soil is disarranged, “radioactive dust particles could be released into the atmosphere.” Unfortunately, it may lead to the inhalation of airborne radioactive dust particles. If these particles are inhaled by workers it could seriously harm their

  • Effects Of The Sauk Rapids Tornado

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    On the afternoon of April 14, 1886, the city of Sauk Rapids in Minnesota was nearly wiped out after a tornado had struck the city. The whole city was left in complete devastation. Natural disasters have always interested me, specifically tornadoes. Something about tornadoes, whether it’d be how they form or how they acquire their power to cause great destruction, interests me to learn more about tornadoes. This led me to research about tornadoes in Minnesota. As I began surfing the internet about

  • Character Changes In The Novel : Kim By Rudyard Kipling

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    In the novel, Kim by Rudyard Kipling, the main character Kimball (Kim) O’Hara changes tremendously despite the fact that he began as a deceitful orphan, he gains wisdom and compassion, and helps his state by becoming an agent for the government. During Kim’s life, his skin darkened from the hot Indian sun, especially when he had a light colored skin. Repeatedly, Kim, known as an orphan, because his mother died, and his father's ultimate demise, began as an accidental overdose of opium. While Kim