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  • Film Analysis Of Mothlight, By Stan Brakhage

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    Mothlight, by Stan Brakhage, is also a film heavily focused on the visuals. Released in 1963, Mothlight's running time of four minutes consists of nothing but what look like pictures of winged insects and foliage. Further investigation reveals that Brakhage created the film without a camera, and instead used two strips of splicing tape to press the object enough to emit light through it (Braunstein 285). No viewer of Mothlight will stop to wonder about a conceivable plot the film could be trying

  • Essay On Cat's Cradle

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    Stan Brakhage’s Cat’s Cradle took me on a ride of ecstasy that I can never forget I have taken. After viewing this quick-cut, fast paced, and slightly unnerving piece, my mind did not ever want to view the film again but for some reason I could not resist. This film has no clear throughline narrative, but beautifully illustrates a dreamlike feeling that usually cannot be articulated. The six minute and nineteen second film has so much dense material that needs to be unpacked in order to attempt to

  • The Freudian Theory Of Personality Development

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    Film analyst Laura Mulvey made a captivating feminist argument stating the issues with commercial cinema. Commercial cinema is centered around male egotism and their sexual fantasies. Mulvey provided examples by explaining her political use of Sigmund Freud’s Freudian psychoanalytic theory. She argued that in mainstream Hollywood film women were merely objects. Post war avant-garde film makers were able to stay away from the trend of commercial cinema at the time. Although, it depends on avant-garde

  • Experimental Cinema Vs Experimental Films

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    Experimental or avant-garde films are those made by individuals and are not intended for public viewing. These filmmakers approach making their films as an art form, with no expectation to make a profit. Experimental films are often made in the artisanal mode of production, which they are shown in small screenings to small groups. One common focus in experimental films is the passage of time, which is often extremely noticeable compared to Hollywood films. Un Chien Andalou by Luis Buñuel and Salvador

  • Wedding Speech - Original Writing

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    “Morning mom!” Morning AJ! Breakfast is on the table.” No thanks mom I think I will pass.” “Alright suit yourself. ………….....AT SCHOOL………………… When I arrived at school all I heard were people talking about some sort of party...but i couldn’t really understand them, they were not talking as loud as usual. “AJ!” Um who is calling my name I thought to myself? “AJ… OVER HERE!” Then finally I got the courage to turn around to see who it was. OMG guess who it was?!? It was my best

  • Reviving Opheli Saving The Selves Of Adolescent Girls

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    understanding of the mindsets of teenagers in todays society. I learned that countless girls and boys have the same inner battles and do not even realize it. The two songs I chose that best represent ideas of woman and manhood are “Unpretty,” by TLC and “Stan,” by Eminem. I believe these songs support many of the stereotypes portrayed in both of the class readings and hold strong messages that can impact the views of girls and boys alike. They address many struggles that teenagers today may be going through

  • Summary Of ' I 'm Crazy '

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    "I 'm crazy." Lollusuwe said. "I 'm climbing for something that probably doesn 't exist." "Wow. I almost fell." He said scared. "Climbing the most highest mountain in Zaumtia...the boss better be happy. And I hope this project goes well." "Nelunwov couldn 't exist. A man who is that powerful could have never been alive. Especially, how the stories went. How he caused so much chaos." "It 's so cold and the temperature is unbearable. Ugh...I should catch my breath." He paused for more energy.

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    The warm garlic bread scraped and clawed in my throat, begging not to be thrown into the dark dungeon, known as my stomach. Still, I held my nose and swallowed. I tore piece after piece of the garlic bread and plopped them into my mouth, begging myself to swallow. They’re still watching, I thought as I grabbed the last piece of garlic bread. My stomach growled telling me it wouldn’t take another piece of that forsaken bread. I tried to swallow the bread that was climbing up my throat, but it was

  • Michael Reager: A Narrative Fiction

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    “Look,” the driver pointed in the brush. Branches of leaves started moving and out came two men. The blade of Daryl’s knife lay across his windpipe, held firmly by a man. Reager had him locked up tight. “The cops are on their way so if you want to get away I’d suggest you let that girl out right now.” “What’s your name?” “Michael Reager.” “Well Michael, you’re wrong for various reasons; the cops aren’t coming, and I am not gonna let this girl out. You, however, need to get me the runner before

  • South Park as Parody of Society Essay

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    long-term effects that could result from watching the program, and through its reflection of social reality. Some of the repeated behaviors and actions of the characters include one of the children (Kenny) dying during each episode (followed by Stan yelling, "Oh, my God! They've killed Kenny" (South