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  • Coraline Movie Analysis

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    Camlyn Lewis Megan Green GSW 1110 31 Oct. 2017 Coraline and MK-ULTRA     The movie Coraline is about Monarch Programming- project MK-Ultra.     MK-Ultra was a mind control program created by the CIA. It basically works by submitting the subject to extreme torture to create a second personality, which can be triggered at any time to perform any action required by the handler. This was shown a lot in the movie “Captain America: Civil War” with the character Bucky Barnes, who was turned into a slave

  • Mind Control In The Movie : Coraline And Mind Control

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    Coraline and Mind Control     In movies there are a lot of hidden messages, sometimes they are hidden right under the viewer’s nose, but they are simply lacking the knowledge to understand. Psychological torture, physical signs, and subliminal messages show how the movie Coraline is about Monarch Programming.     MKUltra was a sort of mind control and interrogation program created by the CIA. They used LSD, hypnosis, and total isolation as different forms of psychological abuse for interrogations

  • The Battle Of The Marine Raiders

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    Introduction to the Marine Raiders In 1942, World War II had been raging for three years. The United States of America have declared war upon the Axis powers following the devastating Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor. At this point in the war the Allies are in a grave situation. German forces have pushed the British off mainland Europe, and the Japanese have conquered much of the Pacific region, coming increasingly nearer to the American mainland. In order to combat this rising threat, the American

  • Analysis Of In The Studio Poem

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    or express their feelings. I believe that through art, communication is more passionate and thoughtful. In paintings, artist have their own techniques in which they use to convey the messages in their work. The piece “In the Studio” c by William Merritt Chase 1889-1916, he connects with his viewers through expression of lines, space and depth, light and color, texture and design. This painting was also donated by Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, ARCA Forsyth 1967 2.4. Viewing the painting, I found

  • Georgia O Keeefe

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    from a local watercolor artist, Sara Mann. O'Keeffe graduated high school in 1905 and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1905-1906, she then attended the Art Students League in New York City where she studied under William Merritt Chase. She won one of the League's contests with her oil painting Dead Rabbitt with Copper Pot and received a scholarship to the League's outdoor summer school in Lake George, New York. Frustrated at the way her art training