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  • How Did Peter The Great Reform Russia

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    Peter the great, the ruler of Russia from (1672-1725). Was an ambitious person who wanted to reform Russia and built them into a great nation. Peter the great focused on developing science in his nation by inviting people who are expert in the science field that will teach his people about the technological advancement. Peter the great also promoted secular education. Russia’s industrial development was boosted under the leadership of Peter the great with trade flourishing. Peter the great also focused

  • The Effects Of Repression On Ethnic Minorities

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    When looking at the literature of the effects of repression on ethnic minorities, it seems, as of my own research of the existing literature, that in looking at the origins of State repression and ethnic conflict, the effects of repression on the ethnic minorities that end up being the targets of the repression are also detailed in the articles as well. Take the White article for example. In discussing the reasons for State repression of ethnic, and in their case religious, minorities, violence becomes

  • An Introduction Of Fairy Tales By Maria Tatar

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    Fairy Tales are not just stories that parents tell to their children, but stories with hidden valuable messages which are mostly left on a side. In the article “An Introduction to Fairy Tales,” Maria Tatar clearly explains how people need fairy tales in their lives. Tatar also states how fairy tales have the ability to take the listener, especially children’s, into a journey in which they can play with their imagination so that they can discover their deepest fears and wishes. Personally I agree

  • Tatar Argument Against Russia's Annexation Of Crimea

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    Hundreds of Crimean Tatars launched a blockade of roads from Ukraine to the Crimean peninsula to protest Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula. With help of the members of the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist Pravy Sektor group, the protesters used concrete blocks to partially seal off the three roads linking mainland Ukraine to Crimea in order to halt the delivery of goods. Tatar leaders said they were aiming to block supplies to protest the "numerous violations of their rights by Russian authorities"

  • Summary Of Gilbert And Gubar And Tatar. Queen As A Trickster

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    Joosen’s thesis revolves around the didactic potential fairy tales hold, arguing the feminist side in criticizing the gender bias and influence that fairy tales have on young children. She goes on to introduce the idea that retelling fairy tales, with a feminist twist, provides a new perspective on the traditional ones, using Sleeping Ugly as an example. Joosen then compares Lieberman’s critiques to the tale – traditional versus transformed. Following, she analyzes the purpose of retellings and problems

  • Why Fairy Tales Matter : The Formative And The Transformative, By Maria Tatar

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    themselves to written language and in turn create their own visuals for the toneless words. “Why Fairy Tales Matter: The Performative and the Transformative”, by Maria Tatar contains an ample amount of textual evidence from author’s research into fairytales, as well as writer’s personal experiences with fairytales. Although Tatar supports her claims with evidence, her resources are not concrete, and seems excessive at times. Also, her assertions are weakened by her failure to defend her conclusion

  • A Comparative Critique Of Maria Tatar 's ' An Introduction To Fairy Tales ' And '

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    going according to Bettelheim. That story of hope was sustained until that little girl grew up and got married eventually not needing it anymore, but she was using it more as a safety blanket. She would only use the fairytale in time of need. Maria Tatar points out how these stories help shape individuals at a young age. She explores how children reading these stories and using imagination can uncover fears and desires they have. But these fairy tales do not only have a good influence on children

  • Fairytales Are Fictional Stories Collected Through Folklore, And Maria Tatar

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    What are fairytales, and what is the point of them? Fairytales are fictional stories collected through folklore, and Maria Tatar states that fairy tales’ extensive and lasting popularity “suggests that they must be addressing issues that have a significant social function- whether critical, conservative, compensatory, or therapeutic.” Over the years, fairytales have been analyzed and approached by different critics, and these critics dismantle the fairytales to find their fundamental meaning. Among

  • Analysis Of Abate 's First Chapter On Snow White And Maria Tatar 's Observation Of Classic Fairy Teles

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    Differing Facts from Fictions: which Fictions? Reading Abate’s first chapter on Snow White and Maria Tatar’s observation of classic fairy teles, my mind simultaneously wonders to the recent factual events occurring in both Indonesia and the United States. In 2015, an Indonesian (step) mother banged her 9 year old daughter to the wall, buried her with her favorite doll, and announced to the public that her child was missing to get the public sympathy. The nation was enraged, shocked, and were unable

  • The Mongol Invasions

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    Trade and travel played a large part in the cultural development nations and gave people an incentive to interact with one another. The Mongol invasions seemed too led to mass destruction, but by the end of the Mongol conquest a new order had been laid in place. This order let to greater communication which opened the trade routes and encouraged travel from Eurasia to Africa. As more trade routes opened a diffusion of knowledge occurred spreading technologies along the trade routes. However Technology