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  • Research Paper On Cornerstone 2-Day 2

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    Do Now – Cornerstone 2 - Day Two Directions: Answer the questions below. Then, decide if each scenario is continuous or discrete. 1. Darrin is emptying out his bathtub. There are 28 gallons of water in the tub and it is decreasing at a rate of 1 gallon per minute.   • Write an equation to represent the relationship between the amount of water in the tub, y, and the number of minutes the tub has been draining, x. 2. Tylia makes balloon animals at a kids’ birthday party to earn extra money. The equation

  • Csy Middle School-Personal Narrative

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    I don’t believe what just happened! I just can’t! I won’t! I never knew that he could pull off a stunt as crazy as that! Landon Ashby, my friend, was basically on the verge of insanity . . . just because of me! I mean, what I said couldn’t do that to a person, right? You are probably wondering what I said to get into this dilemma. I guess, diary, I will now tell you what happened because you seem hungry for details of the incident. But first, you must promise not to tell anyone, OK? Well diary,

  • Bungee Jumping Short Story

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    Plankton. “How about we go bungee jumping” said Plankton excitedly. Timtiam excited to go bungee jumping again “Yes!” He said very enthusiastically. The next day the three fish went bungee jumping in a great way to start off the summer. Timtiam went first screaming with excitement the whole way down. Pat went next who didn’t make a sound with was unusual for him, he usually a very loud person. Plankton went last, this was his first time ever bungee jumping. He screamed with fear as

  • Bed Room Descriptive Writing

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    in the back, barely visible. A power cord, plugged in a power strip. I race toward it, and gently climb up the cord, straddling it, and stand up on it, delicately balancing my way to the towering plug. Luckily, its contour allows many places to grip, and soon I am to the top, where the cord begins. I shudder as I look at the thing cord disappear overhead into the darkness, between the wall and the desktop, but I grasp the cord and begin to shimmy up. The cord is thicker aorund than I am tall, but

  • Tranformation of the Medical Industry Due to Advances in Technology

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    Over the years, medical industry has shaped and transformed due to the recent advance in technology. It affects how we live and what we fear disease wise. With the incredible technology we have now we’ve been able to gather more research about ourselves, like our DNA and cells. We’ve been able to clone, create artificial organs, re-write our traits and even predict what we might have in the cancer. We can also make designer drugs, and how much better the market for them can get over time. With technology

  • Taking a Look at Spina Bifida

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    Scientists have found that spina bifida has been in existence for thousands of years. In the mid-1600s Nicolaas Tulp, a Dutch anatomist, first described the disease in detail and gave it the name spina bifida. He described this disease, along with over 200 others, in his book Observations Medicae. Later in 1761, Giovanni Battista Morgangni contributed to the knowledge of spina bifida when he described hydrocephalus and its association with spina bifida. German doctors Rudolf Verchow and Hans Chiari

  • Maturational Perspective of Motor Development

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    Mental intelligence, interests, abilities, personality and behaviour tendencies are affected by nature and nurture. Nature vs. nurture is an ongoing debate between genetic inheritances and environmental factors that shape development. Nature, also known as heredity, is the genetic code a person is born with. In motor development, nature refers to the genetic inheritance of characteristics and tendencies that influence development. The maturational perspective of motor development focuses on nature

  • Restoration Of Function After Spinal Cord Injury

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    Neuroprosthetics: A new dimension in restoration of function after spinal cord injury Submitted By Pavanpreet Kaur Sandhu Pxs112930@utdallas.edu Neuroprosthetics: A new dimension in restoration of function after spinal cord injury Abstract The deformation in the structure of spinal cord after an injury causes the conduction of impulse to be disrupted and the body functions are lost. This happens relying on the severity of the injury. There are different devices which have been

  • The Descending Control Mechanism Activates Once Noxious Stimuli

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    The descending control mechanism activates once noxious stimuli reaches the higher level processing area of the brain. Inhibition can occur through opiate release Descending Pathways The descending pathways involved in pain utilise efferent motor nerves (gamma motor neurons). These pathways are involved in analgesic response or motor response to pain. pain modulation with brain areas(Tracey & Mantyh, 2007) pain modulation with brain areas(Gebhart, 2004) areas work together through inhibition or

  • The Nervous Systems ( Cns ) And The Peripheral Nervous System

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    nervous system uses effectors that can be either muscles or glands. We can divide the nervous system into two separate systems: the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS). The CNS consists of the brain and the spinal cord and is protected by the cranium and the vertebral column, respectively. The PNS is in charge of connecting the CNS with the receptors and the effectors. To transfer the information from one part of the body to another, a specialized type of cells called