The Cheerleaders

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  • Exemplification Essay: Is Cheer A Sport?

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    they don't need cheerleaders but we don't need football or basketball ether. Cheerleaders do not have to have a uniform, they can be other people in your life. You see if you were a doctor you will help people healthy. If you were a nurse you will give people shots. If you were an astronaut you will help decover thing. These people are all cheerleaders like, Samuel L Jackson, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss are all cheerleader. Cheer is all about the positive side. Cheerleaders job is to inspire

  • Why Cheerleading Is A Sport

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    from the web states "competitive cheerleading includes lots of physical activity and movement.This means cheerleaders compete against teams and people like any other sport.Physical

  • Is Cheerleading A Sport Essay

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    routine. Although sideline cheerleading is not considered a sport, competitive cheerleading is. Sideline cheerleading is what people most often see. According to Renee R., “Sideline cheerleaders’ main goal is to entertain the crowd and lead them with team cheers…” (Renee R.) When people see often cheerleaders at a sporting event, they are seen as the “sideshow” to the game who dances, preform cheers, and shows spirit that supports their school’s

  • Cheerleading Budget

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    schedule. Having the cheerleaders, and band at football games is an important part of the atmosphere and is one aspects many students consider when choosing a school. Scholarships are something that are often associated with the thought of college athletics, and are used as a way to bring individuals to a particular university. These are an important part of building a team of the best athletes possible. At the University of South Florida, scholarship opportunities for cheerleaders are very minimal

  • Persuasive Cheerleading Research Paper

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    prowess and often of a competitive nature.” This qualifies cheerleading as a sport, however, cheerleaders are perceived differently. Because of sideline cheerleading, many believe that competitive cheerleading is the same and not a sport. They’re wrong. Competitive cheerleading is a sport. While sideline cheerleaders just glee the crowd and amuse them with their alluring smiles, competitive cheerleaders work just as hard as any other football player or baseball player. They also strive for the same

  • Cheerleading Injuries

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    often a competitive nature;” so by that definition, cheerleading is a sport (Popoloski). Cheerleading is defined as a sport because it meets the requirements of a sport: competitive physical exertion and chance of injury. Due to the fact that cheerleaders can become greatly injured from cheerleading like other athletic activities that are said to be sports proves that cheerleading is a sport (Tanner). Injuries can be caused by a variety of things such as, tumbling, flyers and bases hitting the ground

  • Stunting: The Four Types Of A Flyer

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    Let’s start with stunting, which by definition is when a base or group of bases lift or toss a flyer overhead to perform tricks in the air (Cheer Book). Stunting can be divided into three different categories based on what the flyer it doing in the air. Pyramids, group stunts, and tosses all have the same basic components to get the flyer up. There are four different positions in a group, the flyer who is the girl being lifted or tossed into the air, the backspot who stands directly behind the flyer

  • Evolution Of Cheerleading Essay

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    Put down your pom-poms and prepare to learn a whole lot about the cheerleading you used to know. Throughout time, cheer has developed into an intense sport with elements of risk and danger. No longer are our squads dismissed while cheering on the sidelines for other teams to win. Today each cheer team is working their way to be the champion of their own division. Cheerleading has evolved throughout history into one of the fastest growing sports today; All Star competitive cheerleading. Competitive

  • Stereotypes Of A Cheerleader

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    talking to me, they thought I looked rude, like i didn't care, and that I was just your typical cheerleader. Thinking of what a ̈Typical Cheerleader ̈ is I thought some people see cheerleaders as way too cheerful and always happy. Although some other people see cheerleaders as rude, snotty, thinking they are better than everyone. Unfortunately, people as the rude and snotty type of cheerleader. The good thing is that the people that said they saw me as rude before they talked to me, they

  • Cheerleader Stereotypes

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    walking by a field on a sunny summer afternoon, hears in distance “Hands on your hips, a smile on your lips, spirit in your heart, we’re ready to start!”. The first thing that flew by his mind was short, stuck up cheerleaders. This common stereotype is typically used to describe cheerleaders of all age groups. A stereotype is a widely held image of a group that is based on some truth, but it also exaggerated. Stereotypes are more commonly negative than positive. People use stereotypes because psychologically