The Wordy Shipmates

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  • Analysis Of The Wordy Shipmates

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    group, across the Atlantic to settle in Massachusetts Bay Colony. By the 1630s the colony had established a theocracy that supported its conservative culture. Sarah Vowell discusses the functionality of the Puritan community in her editorial, The Wordy Shipmates. She uses several excerpts from the play The Examination of Mrs.Anne Hutchinson at the court of  Newton, November 1637 written by Anne Hutchinson, to form her opinion. Anne Hutchinson was a leader in her community who occasionally gave sermons

  • Of The American Dream And The Wordy Shipmates

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    American Dreams Lit. Analysis The American dream exists within the minds of individuals, who live in communities. We can interpret the ideas of that dream based on the communities themselves. In The Wordy Shipmates, we follow John Winthrop, Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson and learn their idea of, and path to the American Dream. In Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl we get to know Harriet’s struggles and how she ultimately achieves her American Dream. In both books, we find out that

  • European Discrimination In America

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    American culture can be summed up into one word, discrimination. From the time Europeans first came to the Americas, prejudice has been a part of the life in the Americas. In 1492 Columbus landed on an island in the Bahamas, and found it to be easily conquered and the people taken advantage of. Slavery was a part of colonial America, written into the Constitution of the United States, remained legal until 1865, and the state of Mississippi did not officially abolish slavery until 2013. Civil

  • The United States

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    Early English settlers who sailed on the Arbella set a precedent that would affect the actions and history of the United States in the future. According to The Wordy Shipmates author Sarah Vowell, those colonists began the way the United States would be unique and not conform to what other countries do and this is shown in the actions the United States has taken throughout its history. Instead of conforming, most of the goals of the United States have been to allow other nations to conform to the