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  • Mr. Smith 's Toy Store

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    “Hey Gregory,” one of the other children said, “this one looks like you.” He was pointed at one of the tin soldiers. It had bright red hair, just like Gregory’s, whose face had been smudged so he looked like he was frowning. Gregory turned towards the boy and scowled. All the children laughed. He hit the boy as hard as he could and ran away. He took the

  • Mining of Tin

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    Tin Tin is one of the oldest elements that has been used and mined by mankind. Tin is used as cans in the food industry, construction products, oil filter in the automobile industry, and miscellaneous applications, such as cookie pans, furnace filters, toys and bulletin board. The chemical symbol for tin is ‘Sn’ which originated from the latin word ‘Stannum’ which means tin in latin. After Britain was invaded by Anglo-Saxon, ‘Stannum’ was changed to ‘tin’ which we have been using until today. Tin

  • Case Study Of TCIL

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    tinplate's. -TCIL establishes new cold rolling facility in 1997. -TCIL supplied to 4 major product segments: Edible oil cans, soft drink crowns, processed food and batteries. TCIL was established to manufacture tinplate to meet the demand for 15 liter tin cans for kerosene. From packaging TCIL also started their manufacturing operations of tinplate's with their thickness ranging from .17 to .30 millimeters. The new cold rolling facility along with supply of hot rolled coils enabled TCIL to receive uninterrupted

  • Burials are one of the main sources of knowledge concerning the Early Bronze Age. The most common

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    Burials are one of the main sources of knowledge concerning the Early Bronze Age. The most common practice during this time was placing several generations of one family in the same cave or tomb with a variety of offerings, such as pottery vessels, jewelry, and metal objects. In most cases, skeletal remains were found disarticulated with the skulls separated from the bodies. For example, at Tell Asawir bones were packed in pottery jars; at Azor there is some evidence of cremation; and at Jericho

  • Essay on The Return of the Ruined Banker

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    The Return of the Ruined Banker The setting for this ghost story was at Sturdivant Hall, in Selma, Alabama in the 1860’s. Sturdivant Hall had been constructed in 1852. This stately mansion had six tall white pillars in the front. There were many parlors downstairs and an abundance of spacious bedrooms upstairs. There were large fig trees, shrubs, and scuppernong vines on either side of the home. A group of visitors had gathered to take a to tour of this beautiful mansion; then, the guide

  • Nonmetal Silicon Essay

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    (25o C) 2.33 Boiling Point 4,271o F (2,355o C) Melting Point 2,570o F (1,410o C) coating to protect steel. Many of the billions of cans in use every year are made of tin-plated steel because tin is resistant to corrosion. In many food containers, however, plastic coatings have replaced tin. And with the increased use of

  • Essay Metal And Architecture

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    plating and anodizing. Galvanizing protects metal or steel against the exposure to the atmosphere and rusting. It is applied by an application of zinc coating. Tern plating is a steel sheet with a coating of tern metal which is an alloy of led and tin. This is applied by dipping the steel into molten metal. An example of what you would use tern plating for would be roofing, gutters, gas tanks, oil cans, etc.. Another way to protect metal is plating. Plating is the coating of metal or other material

  • Creative Writing: Duvall's Trail

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    Jake opened his pocket watch, tipping the crystal face toward the low flames of the campfire. Another hour before daylight and he’d pick up Duvall’s trail. The muscles in his jaw clenched, hate pulling at every part of him. He’d kill Duvall, and he’d do it with Texas’ silent blessing. No judge had pronounced a sentence, but Jake saw the outlaw pull the trigger—watched Harrison die. He glanced at Kat, resenting his decision to take her along. If he wasn’t a man of his word, he’d break his deal. They’d

  • Essay On Dorothy Witch

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    She summon band of winged monkey, they tear the scarecrow, and place his clothe to the top of tree. Throw tin woodman to the rocky hill. And make the Lion become her pet. The wicked witch makes Dorothy became her personal slave, she also made a scheme to steal the silver shoe from Dorothy. One day she place a block of iron that invisible to the normal eyes

  • The Physics Of The Periodic Table

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    Group 14 of the periodic table contains a mixture of non-metals (carbon and silicon), a metalloid (germanium), and two metals ( tin and lead). Tin is able to form dihalides and tetrahalides such as SnI2 and SnI4. However, lead will not form tetrahalides as readily as tin3. The tetrahalides of lead will decompose into dihalides due to their instability 3. The stability of the compounds is based on their respective oxidation states. Periodic trends suggest that group 14 oxidation states are normally