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  • Symbolism of the Yellow Raft in Yellow Raft in Blue Water Essay

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    Symbolism of the Yellow Raft in Yellow Raft in Blue Water Native American’s find symbolism in many everyday items and colors are no exception. They believe that yellow is a conflicting motif, on one hand it denotes happiness, joy, and contentment but on the other hand it is the color of cowardice, deceit, and hurt. Michael Dorris, the author of A Yellow Raft in Blue Water, coming from a Native American background, most likely considered this while choosing the title for this bestseller

  • Examples Of Betrayal In A Yellow Raft On Blue Water

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    and tendencies are easily taken advantage of, along with making them prone to grievous mistakes and overall actions. The topics of betrayal and subsequent neglect are present in an almost unavoidable continuous cycle throughout Michael Dorris’ A Yellow Raft on Blue Water, as each generation of women faced a series of abrupt and unforeseen deceptions by those either in an influential position in their lives or those possessing their trust, leading to damaged and unresolved relationships.

  • Rayona’s Growth in A Yellow Raft In Blue Water Essay

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    Rayona’s Growth in A Yellow Raft In Blue Water      As the subject of the first section of Doris' novel, A Yellow Raft In Blue Water, Rayona faces many problems that are unique to someone her age. Ray's mixed race heritage makes her a target of discrimination on the reservation. Problems in her family life (or lack thereof), give Rayona a reversed role in which she is the mother taking care of Christine. In dealing with these issues, Rayona learns a lot about herself and others.  

  • Yellow Raft in Blue Water

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    mother Christine grew up in different worlds but they are very similar in many ways. Christine faced various problems as a young child that are now being passed down to Rayona and she is now seeing how they are being affected by them. The novel “A Yellow Raft in Blue Water” walks us through Rayona’s coming of age story and the three perspectives that it is being told in, Rayona’s, Christine’s, and Ida’s. Although Rayona and Christine are very different, they both seem to be facing similar problems;

  • A Yellow Raft In Blue Water Relationships

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    place into the letter, but soon after I throw it away. Rayona, one of three main characters of A Yellow Raft in Blue Water placed in the same situation, dwells on the letter for longer and decides to keep it. To Rayona, the letter is much more significant because it reminds her of the little things, talking to her mother, talking to her father, talking to whoever. Michael Dorris, author of A Yellow Raft in Blue Water promotes communication as a key factor to relationships through mother-daughter,

  • Personal Narrative : My Life Of River Rafting

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    about three hours total. With usually a group of four, the people are placed in a squared yellow raft with each person holding a paddle board. Depending on which river that is chosen to raft, there are five levels. Level number one is when the current is peaceful and level number five is when the current is at its strongest and can possibly flip your raft over. Sitting opposite from each other on the edge of the raft, the guide tells you what direction to paddle and when to duck into the

  • A Yellow Raft in Blue Water by Michael Dorris

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    reservations. All three of his adopted children suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome. During a twenty year period before Dorris’ death, he published fourteen books and over one hundred articles. In 1987 he published his first novel “A Yellow Raft in Blue Water.” “A Yellow Raft in Blue Water” is divided into three sections narrated by three different Native American women: Rayona, Christine and Ida. All three of these women are all related. Rayona is the daughter of Christine, and Christine believes she

  • Narrative Essay About Parasailing

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    we went got breakfast, and picked up my grandmother. Meanwhile sitting at the beach, we saw this yellow banana looking rafts going a crossed the ocean. I asked, " What the heck is that." They replied," I have no idea." As my Grammy Kim got up, we all got up. My Aunt rainy asked, "Where are you going." Kim said, "To see where these boats are taking them. While we walked we found out the yellow raft is called a banana boat. Which was extremely ironic. We laugh for at least ten minutes. It was so

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Ten Mile River Sawyer

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    “Splash!” I went into the river. I was at Ten Mile River Scout Reservation. We just started the trip when I went into the water. We were the only boat that flipped over on the river. Let me tell you what happened before and during this part of the camping trip. I braced for impact. I went down a little waterfall. It hit a rock as it went down the little waterfall. The canone started to tilt over. “I’m ready,” I said. All of a sudden, the canoe flipped over! I went into the freezing cold water of

  • Ad Analysis: Outdoor Life By Andrew Mckean

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    Ads are just about anywhere you look. Some are funny, some are clever, and others can just be annoying. A main source of ads can be found in magazines. Magazines are always crammed full of the latest fads, the newest products, and the best tools. Outdoor Life , edited by Andrew Mckean, is a magazine that targets men, around the ages of 20-40, with tips, stories, and products involved with the outdoor ways. This includes anything and everything involved with fishing, hunting, boating and enjoyment