1.Factors That Should Be Considered To Determine How Serious

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1. Factors that should be considered to determine how serious a learning or behavior problem is includes persistence of the problem, severity of the problem, speech of progress, motivation, parental response, relationship with teacher, instructional modifications, adequate instruction, and additional other factors. Persistence of the problem includes determining if the learning or behavior of the student are long term or short term; behaviors and feeling states are not considered a major problem if they only occur occasionally, possibly due to a family crisis, major change, etc. When considering the severity of the problem, how far the student is compared to his/her peers is determined; often being labeled as mild, moderate, or severe. …show more content…

Behavior-age discrepancy determines if the student is displaying problems that are unusual or deviant for that student’s age and the types of behaviors that the student is exhibiting that are not age appropriate. Finally, other factors determine if there are other factors connected to the students learning or behavior problem; looking at how closely the student’s background experiences, culture, and language match those of the teacher and other students present in the class. Additionally, other factors determine if there are any health-related factors that might be interfering with the student’s learning or behavior; have the student’s vision and hearing been adequately assessed to determine whether they might be affecting the students learning and/or behavior.
2. The teacher-learning process is a model of teaching and learning that considers the complexity of the learning environment or context, the knowledge and skills of the teacher and learner, and the instructional cycle the teacher implements to facilitate learning based on individual programming. A teacher can approach this with a learning and behavior problem student by creating a process that uses scaffolding. To teach creative writing, the teacher would have students select their own

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