1.Introduction. An Understanding Of Modern Operations And

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1. Introduction
An understanding of modern operations and process management is a vital attribute of any successful and repeatable business. Understanding the flow of work provided, how the transformation of the relevant inputs turn into outcomes that meet the needs of various customers is key to being able to effectively change and adapt to the ever-evolving modern marketplace. This paper will cover a key process in the consulting business of Genesis Solutions, a management consulting company, and in doing so, will analyse and evaluate the five operations performance objectives and relevant process management theory in accordance with the business practices of Genesis Solutions. It will make recommendations across these areas and seek to …show more content…

The initial work is gathering the inputs of what the client is contracting Genesis’s services for. Understanding the client needs, and a decision to accept/reject the job offer. After which Genesis will create a hypothesis of which the possible problem is keeping in mind the client’s needs as well as common business issues in the relevant area. This is important as diagnosing the problem is the most important part of crafting a solution. Research is then conducting to gather all relevant information from stakeholders, systems, documents etc. This proves or discredits the theory and can be looped until the correct diagnoses is made. This also has the benefit of creating engagement for the solution with different parties being involved in providing their experience and expertise. After the issues are adequately addressed, a solution is crafted to meet the needs and meet all requirements. At this point another meeting with the client is conducted to give a range of options to the client. These will vary by price and scope/etc. The client may also at this point decide to terminate the engagement and carry on alone, or will engage further for the full implementation. If they decide to contract with Genesis for the implementation, then this will go ahead until completion, at which point an evaluation

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