1 It Was Her Main Mission In Life Is To Know The Will Of

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1 It was her main mission in life is to know the will of God and to do it.
This say a lot about a person 's faith and how they handle it. People who trust God and put things in his hands will feel at ease with their problems and the questions they may have.
2 Our company and increasing numbers of business people "lasting rewards cannot be measured in dollars....satisfaction comes from building without selling their souls."
This to me means the owners obey God and his teachings. People who do things right and treat people right will always get ahead faster than those who do not. If you love God and obey his teachings he will not lead you in the wrong direction.
3 The company paid $1500 in tuition to help the employees advance
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8 The book represents good leadership qualities and many people can learn from them. This can be done from a business standpoint as well as a family oriented standpoint.
9 I question do people think if the television show did not hit it off so successfully would they have continued on the same path or would they have backed off?
10 I question would his wife been as supportive and agreed so quickly to the television show if her husband was not a Christian man and did such great things for their employees?
Chapter 2
1 Beckett was exposed to church at an early age, but did not fully grasp the concept of the meaning or the God at his age. He searched for answers regarding this topic and found them as he beginning to mature.
2 The receiving of the black bible is an amazing gift anyone could ever receive in life. The book was not used at first, but soon after it was. There was meaning and purpose behind it after some time.
3 It is important to notice how God put him in the path with a God loving woman. He went to the store to get some items and noticed Wendy loved God and read the bible. This was another sign God was working for him and helping him build a nurturing future.
4 Is it not funny how all teen forget to read their bible because of friends, school, and extra activities? In the book Beckett stated he did and I know many people do as well. More time and emphases should be put into God and his word. I feel you can still do this and play
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